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Book Week 2017 – Escape to Everywhere!Posted in Archive on Friday, 4 August, 2017

Book Week 2017 was book-tastic in Junior School!

Renowned children’s author and illustrator, James Foley, proved to be a wonderful author-in-residence. He conducted inspirational and fun sessions with all Junior school students as well as groups of Secondary students, who all thoroughly enjoyed looking at his amazing stories and illustrations.  He encouraged all the students to create their own stories and to practise, practise, practise their creating.

This year the Learning Hub held a new event in Book Week; Years 3 and 4 students were invited to take part in some fun, creative and technological activities after school.  Students and staff used James Foley’s fabulous book, BroBot as a basis for drawing and creating their own robots and also participated in some coding activities with the Spheros.

Students helped avert near disaster when spells were cast over some of our books which then attempted to ‘Escape to Everywhere’!  They cracked codes, found words and created models all in a bid to work out which books were missing.

Several Secondary school classes enjoyed reading books with Junior school classes and, of course, the younger students loved this. The Dads’ Reading Challenge was also a big hit!

The highlight of Book Week is always the Book Character Dress-Up Parade, a fitting finale to a memorable week of activities, and this year was no different.

Mrs Sarah Love
Head of Information Services

Book Week Parade - 15
Book Week Parade - 12
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