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Defence Force award for aspiring leaderPosted in Archive on Wednesday, 2 August, 2017

Year 12 student, Zavier Radecker has been presented with the Australian Defence Force Academy Award in recognition of the leadership promise he shows and his demonstration of the attributes and qualities that the ADF values through both academic and sporting achievement.

“Recipients of this award have shown they are willing to work hard and strive to excel, that they enjoy a real challenge and are team players,” said Capt. Rob Mueller (pictured with Zavier) when presenting the award at the College’s Secondary School Cultural Assembly today. “The selection process is very competitive.

“The ADF needs leaders who are able to adapt to new and at times demanding situations. For this reason, the Australian Defence Force Academy is not just any university,” he stated. “The education and skills individuals gain from their time at ADFA must set them up to face any challenge.”

Awardees must still achieve the required university admission index score and keep fit to remain competitive in the ADFA’s final selection of students; it is hoped the award serves as  encouragement to continue to study diligently and achieve exemplary results.

“Zavier has shown he has the inherent leadership qualities that should help keep him well on track,” said Capt. Mueller.

In partnership with the University of NSW, the ADFA delivers a unique opportunity in Australia; graduates obtain degrees in the Arts, Business, Science, Engineering and Technology as well as receive military, leadership and management training.

“We hope Zavier continues to work hard towards his goal of a successful and rewarding career in the Australian Defence Force,’ said Capt. Mueller.

Congratulations Zavier.