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National selection for karate champPosted in College Community on Monday, 27 February, 2017

Lochlan Amos has been mastering the art of karate for almost as long as he has been attending school.

And the 12 years spent practicing the ancient martial art has paid off for Lochlan with the announcement that he has been selected in the Australian Junior Karate Squad.

Lochlan joined 60 participants from across Australia at the squad’s training camp in Sydney recently which saw him undergo six hours of solid training on each of the two days. He has been competing for seven years and is currently preparing for the Australian Open Championships, the first major competition for 2017, for which he will return to Sydney in April. Other major competitions this year include a second National championship and World Title events in Spain, Germany and Canada. Lochlan has previously competed in New Caledonia, India, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Bangkok.

The Year 12 student holds a junior shodan ho (black belt) with three provisional stripes.

We wish Lochlan good luck for the upcoming Australian Open!