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IT Purchase & Repair

Where can I buy my DLD…?

Purchases can be made from a number of sources. It is ultimately the parent’s decision where to buy from and how much they wish to pay.

Mandurah Catholic College aims to provide its parents with the best possible value for money. We have therefore entered into an agreement with PRA Solutions, our educational supplier to offer an educational discount, however at times commercial outlets are able to offer greater discounts at their discretion, so it pays to shop around and be aware of sales.

If you wish to purchase from PRA Solutions:

  • Login to their website http://edusales.praimaging.com.au/
  • Use the following codes:
  • MCCK-6 (iPad’s in Years 5 & 6 for 2017)
  • MCC7-12 (MacBook’s in Years 7-12 for 2017)

Please follow the ordering instructions on the web portal. Delivery is free and will be to your home address or another specified delivery address.

The College strongly advises the purchase of the AppleCare warranty with your device. This provides 3 yrs of cost free repairs against mechanical failure.

Information about AppleCare products for iPads:  AppleCare+   for MacBooks:  AppleCare


Order enquiries to: PRA Solutions 9225 4677  College inquiries to Deb Boulton 9531 9566

For comparison prices, we have provided web addresses for:

Apple Education Store: MacBook Pro | MacBook Air | iPad

JB Hifi: MacBook Pro | MacBook Air | iPad

Target:  iPad

Big W:  iPad

Good Guys: MacBook Pro | MacBook Air | iPad

Office Works: iPad | MacBook Air | MacBook Pro

Harvey Norman: MacBook Air | MacBook Pro | iPad


The College highly recommends that students carry their DLD in a protective carry bag at all times whilst at school. Carry bags are available as an option to purchase with PRA Solutions and many other stores that sell technology accessories.

PRA Solutions also offer the purchase of an iTunes card to enable the swift purchase of Apps required prior to the academic year and a USB Hard drive may be purchased to facilitate data backup required for MacBook’s.

Insurance and AppleCare Protection Plans

The College strongly recommends that you insure your child’s DLD or have sufficient funds available to facilitate repairs or replacement.

AppleCare Protection Plans are available at the time of purchase from PRA Solutions, however you may wish to check with your existing home and contents policy to see if you have cover for digital devices. Please click on the link above to find out more information about AppleCare Plans.

What if I break my DLD…?

No matter where you purchased your DLD, if you purchased the AppleCare Warranty, then wear and tear damage is repairable under warranty for free.

Repairs can be facilitated either at the Apple Store, or within the College by our Apple registered repairers, PRA Solutions, who visit twice on a weekly basis.

If accidental damage has been caused then this is repairable only by private payment or through a private insurance claim (we strongly advise that enquiries are made as to adequate home insurance cover for privately owned DLD’s).