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Learning Management System (SEQTA)

What is SEQTA?

The SEQTA Suite is an all-in-one teaching and learning ecosystem that enables teachers, students, and parents to work together in an interactive, supportive online community. The SEQTA Suite allows teachers to do all their teaching and administrative tasks through a single interface.

SEQTA Engage

(previously known as Coneqt-P)

  • View children’s timetables
  • Unexplained absences
  • College/Parent communication (Direqt messages)
  • Homework
  • Details of upcoming assessments
  • Children’s assessment submissions
  • Assessment results and comments
  • School notices
  • View school documents
  • View children’s lessons
  • View reports


(previously known as Coneqt-S)

  • View timetables
  • View homework
  • View online lessons including web-links, documents, videos, images and other resources
  • School notices
  • Submit documents for assessment
  • View assessment results and comments
  • Student/Teacher communication (Direqt messages)
  • Participate in forums
  • View submitted work
  • Goal setting
  • View Reports

SEQTA Learn for Students