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Digital Learning Devices for 2017

Mandurah Catholic College runs a Bring Your Own Apple (BYOA) Digital Learning Device (DLD) ITC Platform for all students in Years 5 – 12.

The Digital Learning Program at Mandurah Catholic College recognises the benefits of 21st Century learning for all students. We are a 1:1 parent funded DLD from Years 5-12 and expect all students joining the College to provide an Apple device as recommended. The College recommends the following devices set out in the table below for those students joining the appropriate year group in 2017.

We would expect that a new DLD purchased for use should have a minimum life expectancy of approximately 4 to 5 years within the College environment. We are working towards a rolling program of technological change throughout the College. It is ultimately the choice of the parent to decide which Apple DLD is purchased for use within the College and we hope to have taken into consideration a cost effective range of alternatives.

To maintain consistency of DLD’s in existing year groups, we recommend in blue the following devices.

Academic Year in 2017


Recommended Device

KG – Year 4 College provision of iPad Mini’s Supplied by the College
Year 5 & 6 Student BYOA 10″ iPad 32GB
Year 7

(iPad Transition Year)

Student BYOA

(Students may bring their existing iPad for use in Y7 until transition to a MacBook for Y8)

10″ iPad 32GB

13″ MacBook Air

1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor
Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz
Intel HD Graphics 6000
4GB memory
128GB flash storage


Years 8 – 12 Student BYOA 13 inch MacBook Air

If you already have an Apple device you wish to use, we will be happy to offer advice as to its suitability.

These recommended DLDs have been chosen for their ease of use to facilitate education, innovation and creativity. They will also complement our College’s educational network and allow our students to connect with the global community, providing the best value for money for our parents.

AppleCare Protection Plans are available at the time of purchase and do provide an insurance option, however you may wish to check with your existing home and contents policy to see if your DLD is covered for accidental damage.

The College strongly advises the purchase of the AppleCare warranty with your device. This provides 3 yrs of cost free repairs against mechanical failure.

See links below for AppleCare information and purchase.

For MacBooks AppleCare Mac

For iPads AppleCare+ for iPads

The College understands that the provision and teaching of how to use the DLD is important. We also recognise the importance of helping the students to make the right decisions while communicating electronically. This will be supported by the Program of Digital Literacy and Responsible Use, which is running throughout the College.

Parents are responsible for the purchase of all Software & Apps for their child’s DLD.
Please see iPad FAQ’s / MacBook FAQ’s for details.
Learning Management System (SEQTA) | Acceptable use of IT | IT Purchase & Repair


All DLDs require the following Apps. Devices purchased after September 2013 should qualify for some Apps for free. These are shown in green

for MacBooks

MacBooks will require the provision of the following apps from the Apple app store including:
iMovie | GarageBand | iPhoto | Pages | Keynote | Numbers

for iPads

iPads will require the provision of the following apps from the Apple app store including:
iMovie | GarageBand | iPhoto | Pages | Keynote | Numbers

[Note: All apps are required prior to the start of the academic year]