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Dominance on the court wins berth in elimination roundPosted in on Friday, 7 April, 2017

One-Two Finish for First V Basketballers

First V Basketball was in full swing at the Mike Barnett Stadium on Wednesday, with more than a dozen schools competing for the right to progress to the elimination stage of the competition.

Traditionally, MCC has performed well on the back of what is usually a strong girls’ team and a boys’ team that has had some good individual basketballers.

On this day both teams  experienced success, with the girls going through the tournament undefeated and finishing on top on the ladder. At times, the girls cruised through games but their talent was undeniable and combined with the coaching nous of Mr Macdonald they were never really threatened, taking all games by double figures. It is hard to pinpoint stars on a team that is strong  throughout, but Senior students Ella Sigley, Georgia Adams and Kristy Scarle did their job and were well supported by other First V veterans Grace Lawler, Kameron Bazzo and Olivia Bassett-Scarfe. Jaide Britton and Kloe Phillips-Jones defended each possession as if their life depended on it and the bench provided plenty of support when their number was called.

The boys began their day with a double figure victory against one of three CBC teams, and then followed it up with a hard fought 6-point victory against Emmanuel College. Close games would prove to be the theme for the remainder of the day with the boys eking out a 3-point victory against a wiley Seton team and then losing to Comet Bay by two points in a game that saw the boys trail for the majority. With each team in Pool A having a loss, it came down to percentage to see who would prevail and fortunately the close loss meant we made it through to the grand final against CBC’s A Team.

The final was a see-sawing affair with both teams capturing momentum at various stages, but ultimately saw CBC get over the line by three points. The boys rued many chances to take the game but provided enough encouraging basketball to be proud of. Michael Martley put the team on his shoulders throughout the day, playing many minutes trying to will the team to victory. Jaxon Holmes tried hard, despite playing on one leg by the final. Of the up and comers, Jack Burdon’s aggression was exceptional for someone of Year 9 level, winning rebound after rebound and Darren Beard shot 3-pointers like they were going out of fashion, which prompted Harry Klasztorny to get his daily exercise by jumping off the bench each time he nailed one.

Despite the loss, the boys finished second and qualified for the next round. For the girls, the sky seems the limit and they prove to be one of the favourites to go all the way this year.

Basketball is in good hands at MCC. Well done to our 24 basketballers for playing their role thus far.

Mr Danny Chartres
Inter-School Sport coordinator