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Senior School

Y10 2012 VET Education Information 2012 parent night


Mandurah Catholic College’s Senior School caters for students in Years 10, 11, and 12. The curriculum is designed to accommodate the individual needs and aspirations of the students in the later adolescent phase of schooling. It aims to provide a learning environment that is challenging, stimulating and relevant to students and addresses a wide range of students’ needs. It provides opportunities for students to demonstrate a high level of responsibility as they manage their own learning through a wide variety of tasks.

Students’ selection of courses will be guided by their current achievement and their career destination when they complete schooling. In Year 10, their course of study will be based on four major areas: the Humanities, Mathematics and Sciences, Physical and Health Education, and Vocational Education. As students progress through Senior School, their course of study will become increasingly focussed and specialised toward an academic or vocational career intention. Whilst most students will take three years to complete Senior School, the environment will allow students to move more slowly or quickly, as determined by the needs of the individual. Performance review will allow students to re-plot or re-align their courses as they move through these years. Whilst there exists considerable flexibility in courses of study, all students will complete a module of Religious Education and a module of English during their Senior School years. Opportunity exists also for students to engage in specialist vocational courses, through working with external agencies such as TAFE, and that provided by work experience.

The Senior Staff of the College recognise that students will be at different starting points, that they learn at different rates and that they bring a wide range of previous experiences to their learning. For these reasons, students are involved in an intensive career information and advisory programme where the students are assisted in goal setting and personal course design. In addition, Mandurah Catholic College provides parents and students with a clear understanding of the students’ progressive achievements through appropriate assessment, monitoring and reporting procedures. At the College we envisage that by the time students complete their journey with us, they will have developed core values to guide them throughout their adult life. Our strong partnerships with the wider community allow for informed decisions to be made about available pathways. Mandurah Catholic College continues to demonstrate a strong record of scholastic achievements and strives to ensure that each student reaches his/her academic potential. An extensive range of Tertiary Entrance subjects is available at the College and these are taught by a team of experienced, motivated and dedicated staff. The Senior School also offers a nationally recognised Vocational Education & Training Programme across a number of key industry areas. This programme enables students to complete Curriculum Council requirements for Secondary Graduation.

A holistic balance of intellectual, spiritual, cultural, physical and social pursuits is at the heart of the Senior School philosophy and is strongly encouraged. In a supportive environment, each student is provided with opportunities to explore and develop his/her individual potential. Students acquire a love of learning, self-confidence and preparedness to take risks as they enter a rapidly changing world.

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