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Young scientists finish in top 5% nationallyPosted in General School News on Monday, 19 June, 2017

Two Mandurah Catholic College students have received High Distinctions in an Australia-wide science competition.

Noah Glenn (Year 8, St Bernadette’s) and Thomas Stephenson (Year 9, St Patrick’s) achieved results in the top 5% of competitors in the Big Science Competition 2017.

Distinction Awards (top 10%) were awarded to: Adam Wilson (Year 7); Bryce Allen, Kiara Hobbs and Tori Woods (Year 8); Michael Sowerbutts and Thomas Fiebig (Year 9); Jack Fogarty, Jamie Boukaseff and Jedd Murty (Year 10). 12 students received Credit certificates (top 25% of students nationally).

In total, 58 MCC students from Years 7-10 competed in the nationwide competition, which not only tests the student’s knowledge of the National Science Curriculum, but also their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Congratulations to all students involved.