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Principal’s ReportPosted in Principal's Report on Friday, 30 August, 2019

Mandurah Catholic College Community


Shaping a better future

Education in its most authentic sense cannot be reduced to academic outcomes: successful education must encompass a commitment to shaping and forming persons, attitudes, societies, cultures and traditions. What our children and youth absorb in these formative years sets the stage for their adult and family life and this will be reflected in their children and grandchildren in an unbroken chain.

The disturbing data on today’s youth culture, including increasing incidence of depression, bullying, and domestic violence, makes a strong case for the need to consciously equip our youth with life skills, and to instil in them a sense of identity, compassion and concern for others.

It gives me hope to see so many Mandurah Catholic students developing into well-balanced, caring and fulfilled young people who will become the life force of our world.

As Principal, I encourage all students to make use of the opportunities the College provides to find those things that mean the most to them and that really make them ‘come alive’.  This is the time to discover what it is that you will go ‘all out’ for. Because the possibilities for success will be greatly increased when you’re doing something you have a passion for.


Fathers Day

On the weekend we celebrate Father’s Day and this Friday the College welcomed over 250 fathers, grandfathers and male role models to the Primary Father’s Day breakfast, held in the undercover area, and with the Year 9 students in a liturgy and morning tea.

This has always been a special event that enables the men of our community to experience the College environment with their child. Students were very proud to act as host and many took this opportunity to show their guests around the grounds.

Similar to our Mother’s Day morning tea and breakfast, the Mandurah Catholic College community also takes time to celebrate the importance of the men in our children’s lives and their engagement in education.


Secondary Prefect Leadership Positions 2019/2020

On Wednesday the remaining College Secondary Leadership positions were announced to the secondary students.  I would like to thank all the students who showed the courage of putting their names forward and going through the Colleges leadership process

The following names are the College Prefects for 2019/2020

College Prefects
Head PrefectThomas Fiebig
Head PrefectIndi McClements
Ministry PrefectMiguel Ajero
Cultural PrefectIsaac Lowe
Sport PrefectShaun Humble
Communications PrefectElla Ward


St Bernadette’sTiernan O’ Rourke
House PrefectJackson Constantine
Ministry CaptainMaye Bautista
Cultural CaptainRemy Deleo
Sport CaptainCameron Griffin
Communications CaptainPhoebe Taylor


St Joseph’sJo Hennessy
House PrefectToby Burton
Ministry Captain              Shaakya De Silva
Cultural CaptainAlyssa Lewis
Sport CaptainJaide Britton
Communications CaptainJayden Skov


St Mary’sCharlie Fourie
House PrefectBayli Ritikis
Ministry CaptainElla Narido
Cultural CaptainAndreana Hilary-Nath
Sport CaptainJade Weston
Communications CaptainKate Love


St Monica’sCarron Thornton/Amanda Mariotti
House PrefectAbbey Harvey
Ministry CaptainAlyssa Nixon
Cultural CaptainDivhya Sukumaran
Sport CaptainLisa Peraldini
Communications CaptainAbi Thayer


St Patrick’sMatthew Hall
House PrefectThomas Gurak
Ministry CaptainBreanna Henderson
Cultural CaptainEmma Faulkner
Sport CaptainCian Lumley-Boyle
Communications CaptainElla Perkins


St Peter’sKieran McCabe
House PrefectRuby Allen
Ministry CaptainEmma Shewing
Cultural CaptainBen Ginbey
Sport CaptainJasmin Muir
Communications CaptainCiara Murphy

At the Colours Assembly in Week 10 this Term the full 2020 Student Leadership cohort will be announced with parents being invited to attend.


God bless.





Mr Chris Wallace

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