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6M Treasure Hunt Leads to Clean Up ‘Gold’Posted in Primary,Sustainability on Wednesday, 4 September, 2019

Year 6M used their small numbers on Friday, 30 August to do a bit of a clean up of our College grounds. We were down 12 students with many participating in Performing Arts performances.

The class were eager for the challenge and the activity soon turned into a treasure hunt and competition of who could find the most rubbish and which item was the find of the day. We discussed the types of rubbish we found and how we could avoid finding them on our school grounds besides putting them in the bin.

Straws, glad wrap, biscuit and chip packets were a part of the majority of what was found. Some items amazed the Year 6 class as to how they managed to get onto our school grounds. Well done 6M!

Mrs Ela Hope
Year 6 Teacher

Photo: Class 6M with their rubbish ‘treasure hunt’ booty