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ACC Athletics resultsPosted in Sport on Monday, 17 September, 2018

Mandurah Catholic College performed strongly in the ACC (Associated and Catholic Colleges) Athletics Championships to finish fourth overall. Year 12 sprinter and hurdler, Kilian Rawson was awarded Open Male Champion after finishing 2nd in 100m hurdles, 100m A and 200m A, and 3rd in 400m A and Year 10 runner was named equal third in U/16 Female Champion after finishing 1st in the 1500m A and 800m A.

For the Director of Sport’s comments see our Newsfeed.

Listed are the day’s results for individual and team performances:

Team Results
Overall – 4th
Boys’ (Overall) – 7th
Girls’ (Overall) – 3rd

Junior Boys’ – 8th
Junior Girls’ – 3rd

Senior Boys’ – 6th
Senior Girls’ – 2nd

Individual Champions

Open Male Champion – Kilian Rawson
U/16 Female Champion (equal 3rd) – Jaide Britton

Top 3 – Individual Efforts
Regan Ashby – 2nd 1500m A
Billie Banks-Smith – 3rd Javelin A
Megan Besson – 2nd 100m B
Zander Boaler – 2nd 800m A
Holly Britton – 2nd 800m B
Jaide Britton – 1st 1500m A, 800m A, 400m A, 2nd Javelin, 4th 200m A
Jack Burdon – 2nd Discus A, 3rd Shotput A
Jarrah Cecilio – 1st 100m B, 3rd 200m A
Sophie Clancy – 3rd Discus B
Annelise Clark – 3rd High Jump B
Rohana Cull – 3rd High Jump A
Jake DeSouza – 3rd Long Jump B
Jaiden Edge – 3rd Shotput B
Jack Fourie – 3rd High Jump A, 3rd Long Jump A
Jazmin Gowdie – 2nd 800m B
Cameron Griffin – 3rd 100m Hurdles A, 2nd 200m B
Jacinta Harley – 3rd Shotput A, 3rd High Jump B
Aaliyah Hunter – 1st High Jump A, 2nd Long Jump B
Chioma Ike – 1st 200m B, 2nd 100m Hurdles B, 2nd 100m A
Ruby James – 1st Discus B
Niamh Jolly – 3rd 400m B
Dhipa Kandel – 3rd 100m B
Finlay Larmour – 1st High Jump A
Sarah Lea – 1st Long Jump B
Reef Liddington –  3rd Shotput B
Stacey Love-Nally – 3rd 800m B
Isaac Lowe – 2nd Long Jump B, 3rd High Jump B
Jorja Lymn – 1st 1500m B, 2nd 800m B
Sasha Melbourne – 1st High Jump B
Keira Mladineo – 1st 1500m B, 2nd 800m A, 2nd 400m B
Ava Muir – 1st Javelin A, 1st Shotput A, 3rd Discus A
Jasmin Muir – 2nd Shotput B
Riley-Jane Napoli – 2nd Long Jump B
Ahron Panizales – 3rd 100m Hurdles A
Bethlyn Pasco – 1st 100m Hurdles B
Kyle Penny – 2nd 200m B
Dante Raper – 3rd Shotput A
Kilian Rawson – 2nd 100m Hurdles, 2nd 100m A, 2nd 200m A, 3rd 400m A
Courtney Rowley – 1st 100m A, 1st Long Jump A, 3rd 100m Hurdles A
Joel Rush – 2nd 1500m A, 3rd Discus B
Kalita Sharp – 2nd High Jump B, 3rd 100m B
Sharlize Shelley – 2nd Discus A
Ella Sigley – 1st 1500m B
Josh Stringer – 2nd 400m B, 3rd 800m B
Tanatasi Vele – 2nd Shotput B
Sophie Vergone – 3rd 1500m A, 3rd 800m A
Arianne Norris – 1st Shotput B
Hunter Reid – 3rd Shotput B