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ACC Athletics Review 2019Posted in Sport on Friday, 20 September, 2019

Moments of Brilliance Throughout Competitive Day at ACC Athletics

Monday, 16 September marked what would be a sun-filled day at ACC Athletics, ‘C’ Division edition. Over 120 students travelled from the College to test their abilities against seven hungry schools aiming to be crowned champion.

The day began with a mix of track and field events, mainly coming from our younger athletes. Their enthusiasm was on show with many results being decided by milliseconds and millimetres on both the track and in the field. Newcomers, Pyper Warren and Charlie Andrews kept the scoreboard ticking over with multiple quality performances, while the likes of Skye Merchant, Kyelan Sanders, Elli McDonald and Thomas Smedley added their names to the mix of future stars at the College with performances to be proud of!

The Year 8 group has some outstanding athletes that have excelled at all ACC events this year, and athletics would be no different. Keira Mladineo races with a ferocity that allows only her best performance every time and two top-three finishes in the 800m and 1500m embodied her never-say-die attitude. Dropping down a distance or two, Cooper Kelly showed his need for speed in the 400m and 800m with back to back second place finishes in ‘A’ grade competition. Surprise packet of the day! The Year 8s have a cohort of consistency where they perform well under any circumstance. Regan Ashby, Megan Besson and Jorja Haines are just a few that you could consider ‘any place, any time’ athletes. Of the Year 8s special mention goes to Holly Britton who stepped up to the plate as a Year 9 athlete and did not look out of place. In fact netting herself a second place finish in the ‘B’ grade 800m. She definitely hit her physical activity targets for the day competing in a couple of extra events and as a result finished the day knackered.

As alluded to previously the Year 9s needed a bit of a hand, but that didn’t impact the ones who were there and giving their all for the maroon and gold. Tessa Liddington literally ran from McGillivray Oval to sprint the 200m. Not the ideal preparation, but as usual jumped at the opportunity in a heartbeat and despite not getting the result she would have liked, served as an inspiration for her team mates. Mind you, she did redeem herself in her pet event the 800m, coming third. Speaking of the 800m, Josh Stringer pulled off a magnificent run to take out his ‘A’ grade race, showing everyone that middle distance running is easy. Kayne Searle had a spring in his step coming second in high jump, which is a fantastic effort considering some of the competition he was up against. The boy has hops! Despite a struggle with Year 9 numbers, Joel Rush was a student that stepped up in a huge way. With at least half a dozen events on race day, Joel did the College proud in every event giving it his absolute all and not letting fatigue weary him. Unsurprisingly, the indefatigable Joel went beast mode and rewarded himself with a third place finish in the 1500m. Take a bow!

The shift to Senior School comes with the responsibility of setting the example for the younger students. This year the Year 10s mostly held up their end of the bargain. Of the boys, Jed Adams and Basista Jang Rayamajhee proved solid on the throws, Finlay Larmour yet again proved he can jump in both the high and the long variety, Kiara Hobbs came out of nowhere to win the 400m and come second in the 200m, Courtney Rowley did what Courtney Rowley does and performed well in jumps and hurdles, while Jesse Bandy and Reef Liddington got work done in the field. All in all I guess you could say the Year 10s really got the job done!

The OPENs saw Year 11s and 12s collide to see who are the kings of the their domain. The one-two punch of Sophie Vergone and Jaide Britton ensured our distance events would come away with some nice results, while on the other end of the spectrum Nell Butterfield had one event at the very end of the day. However, it didn’t deter her coming third in javelin in what was a cool and calm performance. When it came to the in-between there were some noteworthy efforts, which included Kellie Craig who challenged to make the team and then came second in her 800m (talk about coming from nowhere!), Mia Andrews blitzed through the track to come third in the 200m, both the Jacks (Burdon and Fourie) owned the discus and shot-put events with top three finishes, Georgia Wyllie used her strong throwing arm to secure second in discus and Rohana Cull who, in the same vein as Fin Larmour, had two pleasing top three results in both long and high jump.

The day would come to a close with the relays, which were hotly contested, mainly because of the measly 30 points that separated third through to sixth. With that in mind MCC put on some great efforts, particularly with a second place finish from the Year 10 Girls. Unfortunately, four out of the ten races saw a sixth place or lower finish but on the positive side there were no DQs this year! Great to see we finally know how to relay!

Overall a sixth place finish was down on last year’s fourth place, but there were many encouraging signs from a number of individual students. With each year that passes the reality of another year group finishing and another new one getting an opportunity the following year always changes the dynamics of our ever evolving squad. I’d like to thank the Year 12 students who have served for the past six years, with special mentions to Sophie Vergone who at many stages has made this event her own, Senior School Captains Olivia Bassett-Scarfe and Kellie Craig, who by their own admission aren’t the best athletes but they are the best at giving their all. The College is proud to have had them wear the maroon and gold. It’s not about being the best. It’s about being YOUR BEST!

There are numerous others who at different stages have contributed to the evolution of this program from ‘E’ Division stragglers to solid ‘C’ Division competitors. They generally say if you leave things in a better place than when you’ve started, you’ve done your job. This group can certainly take pride in knowing they’ve done that.

2019 is over for our big three ACC events. Thanks for your contribution in all of them – Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. Thanks to the staff that spent early mornings putting in the preparation so the students couls get the best out of themselves – hopefully you’ve seen that work you’ve all put in come to fruition in some way.

Be proud maroon and gold! See you in 2020!


ACC Athletics – Five Star ***** Performances of the Day

  1. Pyper Warren – Hard to go past the U/13s Champion Girl. Runs with a smoothness and grace that many can only dream of and does it in both short and long distance running events. Has a bit of a Jaide Britton vibe to her with the way she competes, which is good news for the College! Has had an outstanding first year of sport at MCC and capped it off with Monday’s efforts. The best thing about Pyper is that she just takes it in her stride (literally), carries on and keeps getting better every day. Well done Pyper!


  1. Charlie Andrews – Another Year 7 who showed that the College’s future is in good hands. Drop him in a crowd of Year 9s and you probably couldn’t tell the difference, but this young lad is strong and determined. Literally good at everything, whether it’s speed, power or endurance Charlie is the go to and showed that he will be a strong competitor at ACC level for years to come.


  1. Jaide Britton – The Superwoman of ACC Sport. Jaide does every event every year and just excels. The girl just has no quit! This year was more challenging with Year 12s to compete against but considering she is up against some specialist athletes, coming 2nd twice in the 800m and 1500m shows that she will be primed to be dominant again next year as a Year 12.


  1. Finlay Larmour – Born with springs in his legs, Fin had another year of ‘A’ grade success coming 1st in High Jump and 3rd in Long Jump. Another no-nonsense athlete who just goes about his business in a low key manner. Only problem is that his results are not so low key. Maybe that is a good problem to have? Either way Fin has had this sort of success year after year which is what makes him great. Look forward to his twilight years at College and doing more of the same.


  1. Cooper Kelly – Back to back 2nd place finishes in the 400m and 800m showed his running prowess amongst the best Year 8 students. Surprising considering some of the athletic talent within this year group. Really stepped up and took the opportunities given to him. Love when students give you quality performances like these, especially when you least expect it. Great job Cooper, look forward to more of them!


Team Results

Overall – 6th

Boys (Overall) – 4th
Girls (Overall) – 4th

Junior Boys – 4th
Junior Girls – 5th

Senior Boys – 5th
Senior Girls – 4th

Individual Champions

U/13 Female Champion – Pyper Warren
U/13 Male R/U Champion – Charlie Andrews

Top 3 – Individual Efforts

Sean Swiderski – 1st Shot-put (B), 3rd High Jump (B)
Jye Martelli – 2nd High Jump (B)
Finlay Larmour – 1st High Jump (A), 3rd Long Jump (A)
Skye Merchant – 3rd Javelin (A), 2nd Discus (A)
Reef Liddington – 1st Shot-put (B)
Jed Adams – 2nd Shot-put (A), 2nd Javelin (B)
Keira Mladineo – 2nd Long Jump (B), 3rd 800m (A), 3rd 1500m (A)
Courtney Rowley – 2nd Long Jump (A), 2nd Hurdles (B)
Elli McDonald – 1st 1500m (B), 3rd 800m (B)
Pyper Warren – 2nd 1500m (A), 2nd 200m (A), 2nd 800m (A), 2nd Long Jump (A), 2nd 400m (A)
Charlie Andrews – 1st Hurdles (A), 1st Shotput (A), 1st 800m (B), 1st 400m (A), 1st Discus (A)
Jaden Funazzi – 1st 1500m (B)
Regan Ashby – 3rd 1500m (B)
Austin Polmear – 3rd 1500m (B)
Joel Rush – 3rd 1500m (A), 2nd Discus (B)
Jorja Haines – 1st Javelin (A)
Alexis Williams – 2nd High Jump (B)
Rohana Cull – 2nd High Jump (A), 3rd Long Jump (B)
Zander Boaler – 3rd Hurdles (B), 2nd 400m (B)
Basista Jang Rayamajhee – 3rd Javelin (A)
Cooper Davey – 2nd Hurdles (A), 3rd Discus (B)
Sophie Vergone – 2nd 1500m (B)
Jaide Britton – 2nd 1500m (A), 2nd 800m (A)
Mimi Nilsson – 2nd Discus (A), 3rd Shot-put (A)
Jack Burdon – 2nd Shot-put (B), 3rd Discus (A)
Ahron Panizales – 3rd Long Jump (A)
Kyelan Sanders – 2nd Long Jump (B), 1st High Jump (B), 3rd Javelin (B), 3rd 400m (B)
Thomas Smedley – 2nd Long Jump (A), 3rd 200m (A), 3rd High Jump (A)
Nyla Walters – 1st 200m (B)
Arianne Norris – 2nd Javelin (B)
Eli Pantalone – 3rd 200m (B)
Ashlee Norwood – 2nd High Jump (B)
Jack Fourie – 2nd Discus (B)
Kiara Hobbs – 2nd 200m (B), 1st 400m (A)
Lachlan Hodge – 3rd 200m (B)
Mia Andrews – 3rd 200m (B)
Tajah Griffiths – 2nd Shot-put (B)
Sasha Melbourne – 2nd High Jump (B)
Annalise Clark – 2nd Shot-put (B)
Jesse Bandy – 2nd Long Jump (B)
Chi Chi Ike – 3rd 100m (A)
Kaitlyn Srhoj – 3rd Discus (A)
Cooper Kelly – 2nd 800m (A), 2nd 400m (A)
Holly Britton – 2nd 800m (B)
Tessa Liddington – 3rd 800m (A)
Christe Keranda – 3rd 800m (B)
Josh Stringer – 1st 800m (A)
Gracie Fenton – 1st 100m (B)
Kellie Craig – 2nd 800m (B)
Kayne Searle – 2nd High Jump (A)
Megan Besson – 3rd Discus (B)
Georgia Wyllie – 2nd Discus (B)
Nell Butterfield – 3rd Javelin (A)

4 x 100m Relay Results

U/13 Girls Relay – 3rd
U/13 Boys Relay – 4th

U/14 Girls Relay – 3rd
U/14 Boys Relay – 7th

U/15 Girls Relay – 7th
U/15 Boys Relay – 4th

U/16 Girls Relay – 2nd
U/16 Boys Relay – 5th

OPEN Girls Relay – 6th
OPEN Boys Relay – 7th

ACC - 1
ACC - 2