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African BeatsPosted in Primary,The Arts on Friday, 5 July, 2019

African Beats touring band Salaka treated our Primary School students to a cultural immersion in the culture and rhythms of Africa.

“Salaka” means “sharing” in Ga the language of Ghana and carries with it the message that “sharing is caring”. The band shared folk tales and stories of their culture and introduced a range of traditional African instruments. The students were taught to sing a traditional African song to accompany the drumming rhythms and traditional African dancing.

Throughout the incursion students were sensitively exposed to the modern and relevant issues that effect children their age in Africa affording them a new level of cultural sensitivity for those growing up in a different country like Africa. The most exciting part of the experience was that every student had the opportunity to play an authentic African drum as part of a large unified percussion ensemble.

Corinna Herbert
Music Teacher

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