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Arts Learning Area hosts Scholarship Afternoon TeaPosted in College Community,The Arts on Thursday, 11 April, 2019

The Mandurah Catholic College Arts Learning Area hosted a Scholarship Afternoon Tea to honour those who donate the bursaries for music scholarships. Mrs Bella Perry and Mrs Susan Dunlop were invited to attend the afternoon tea to thank them for their annual contribution.

Students from Years 7 – 11 who are on music scholarships and are part of the scholarship ensemble also attended the afternoon tea, held last Thursday. This gave both the students and staff in the Arts Learning Area to than Mrs Perry and Mrs Dunlop for their generous contribution each year. Students in the ensemble gave a special music performance for guests, which allowed them to see how the students were benefiting from some of their contributions. Head of Learning Area for the Arts Mrs Torryl Blackwell said, “The afternoon was a lovely event which allowed them to play together as scholarship music students.”

Bella Perry donates every year for the Bella Perry Music Scholarship and Susan Dunlop provides the Chanel Dufall Memorial Scholarship (Chanel was a student at MCC, about to start Year 12 when she passed away in 2006), which is an academic bursary.

Mandurah Catholic College is incredibly appreciative of these bursaries that allow students to grow and develop their music knowledge and skills.

Students in the Music Ensemble:
Kirra Strack – Chanel Dufall Scholarship recipient
Alyssa Lewis
Jett Thomas
Chelsea Wood
Remy Deleo
Karoline Magpily
Abbey Harvey
Elizabeth Eppen Van DerAa
Tom Crocker
Marcus Tomlinson
James Larson
Alex Dixon

Musical performance for sponsors - 12
Musical performance for sponsors - 7
Musical performance for sponsors - 4