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Ben’s Music Video Wins Big at BUFTAPosted in Achievements,Secondary,The Arts on Wednesday, 27 November, 2019

Ben Ginbey (Year 11) has won the Best Editing in Australia award at the Bond University Film and Television Awards (BUFTA) for his music video.

The awards, held on the Gold Coast last weekend, are one of the premier film competitions for High School students around Australia. BUFTA attracts entries from all over the nation and this year, only two WA schools were represented (MCC and St Mary’s Girls’ School).

Ben’s music video was created to compliment the song Black Out by AViVA, which he created as part of his Year 11 ATAR Media course.

Ben flew over to Queensland to attend the awards on Saturday night, but wasn’t expecting to win. “It was very unexpected, to be honest!” Ben said. “I had no idea it was going to come to me because I thought the other films were insane and had amazing editing. It’s still honestly a bit surreal, and I haven’t really come to terms with it myself. Receiving the award and knowing I achieved that is honestly just an amazing feeling. It’s something that I’ve worked really hard on, and then to get credit and have achieved this is something really special.”

Ben worked on the video for many weeks, both in class and at home. He said of his process; “Once I’d got a rough idea of the timeline and what I wanted to do for the film I went out and got most of the raw footage I needed and filmed in front of the green screens in preparation for later. Most of my shots were filmed at night, so I had to work hard to try and make it look more bright, but still dark by increasing contrast and working on different colours to make it look appealing, but still give it the nice gritty feel that I wanted.”

Ben faced a lot of challenges with his editing. “One of the other hard things I wanted to do was editing eye colour, because there were multiple times in my film where I had my guy’s eyes as red. So I had to circle the eyes and increase their temperature and then also change the colour to create that effect. I mainly used Premiere Pro, which is the program I’m most comfortable with and it has a lot of different choices that allows you to have a lot of control over the video.”

Ben is not the first MCC Media student to be nominated for a BUFTA, and he credits the subject for giving him a good technical grounding. “Most of the techniques that I picked up came from Media (that’s where I got the basics like editing, cutting and learning where most of the technical things were.) Mr Hall also showed me how to do some of this stuff, and I Googled some techniques online. Media has given me a good overall knowledge of editing and filmmaking. Without Media, I would still be using other apps like iMovie, which don’t have as much manipulation over them. Media has taught me how to use the more professional type editing programs, like actual movie creators use. When I first started it was very overwhelming and everyone was doing things and I had no idea how they were doing them. So, without media, I probably would not have been able to figure out how to make a tiny film, let alone do what I did.”

Media teacher Mr Matthew Hall said, “Ben was an excellent ambassador for MCC and I am so proud of his hard work, determination and perseverance to get to this level.”

Deputy Principal of Teaching and Learning, Mr Paschal McCarthy was thrilled for Ben. “What a fantastic achievement from Ben…the Media course has given so many of our students accolades such as this.”
The future looks bright for Ben, who is already contemplating his next step. “I definitely want to stick in the media industry… It’s definitely something I’m passionate about and want to stick with.”

Photo: Ben Ginbey with Media teacher Mr Matthew Hall

Photo: Ben working on his music video

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Photos from Bond University