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Beware of the birds!Posted in Secondary on Wednesday, 5 December, 2018

Students in Year 11 Applied Information Technology and Year 10 Digital Technologies have been learning how to fly a Parrot Beebop2 Drone this semester and the results are awesome!

The students first had to learn about safety aspects of flying a drone, where they are allowed to fly and things they need to be aware of when flying. Birds are a big concern! They used CASA online to find interactive maps to determine where they are legally allowed to fly and, fortunately, students found that MCC is in the ‘free fly zone’ as is the estuary behind the College and a very thin strip of the Mandurah coast line. They discovered that most of the Perth region was in the ‘Red – no fly zone’, with only a very small area in the ‘Orange – limited flying area’.

Students were given lessons in how to use the Sky Controller and Phone App and quickly picked up how to take off, land, send the Drone high into the air, move forward, backwards, side to side and spin. They learnt to be wary of the pigeons and seagulls flying overhead  – and had to get out of the way of one particularly aggressive drone-attacking seagull!


Photography: Students took photographs and videos and were tasked with taking photos of different areas of the College. They found if they sent the drone high enough they were able to see all the way to the estuary.

Tricks: Students then advanced their skills and learnt how to perform tricks with the drones, performing manoeuvres such as a barrel roll, front flip, side flip and back flip. The students were all very happy when they had mastered the tricks.

Follow Me: Students learnt how to program the Drone App so that the drone would fly and follow them around independently of the Sky Controller.

Drone Race: Students in Year 10 devised a Drone Racing Course on the oval, deciding on a path, tricks and obstacles. They broke off into teams and raced around the course to see who could complete it in the quickest time. Some sped through the course, whilst others found the obstacles tricky to dodge.

With so many industries currently expanding into the drone market to help their business perform better in the digital age, it is important that students learn how to use these technologies.

Miss Michelle Forrest
Digital Technologies teacher