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Biology Laboratory Microscope Experiments for Year 12 StudentsPosted in STEAM on Wednesday, 14 August, 2019

On Wednesday, 3 July the Year 12 Biology students stayed back after school to complete a university-style 3-hour laboratory lesson. It is often very difficult to complete meaningful biology experiments within a standard 1-hour class lesson and so each year we complete two laboratory lessons outside of class time.

Students used a combination of different microscopes (stereo and compound) to identify the adaptations that plants show to different conditions eg high salt, low and high-water content. Students used skills to prepare, view and draw sections of plant material under the microscopes. We had plants representing four main types; xerophytes (drought tolerant), halophytes (salt tolerant), hydrophytes (water tolerant) and mesophytes (not specially adapted). While working, students listened to tunes older than me, shared food and spent time together having a laugh.

Hopefully along with enjoying the laboratory lesson, students have developed skills that will help them in their exams, while getting a taste for the style of labs that they will have once they reach university, if they continue on in a science-based discipline.

It is a big ask to stay back after school for three hours, after having completed a full day, especially in Week 10 of the term and I am very grateful for the dedication of my Year 12s.

Mr Tiernan O’Rourke
Science Teacher

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