Mandurah Catholic College Board

“The Mandurah Catholic College Board works with the College Executive, through the Strategic Plan and financial management of the school’s resources to support the development of our College as a learning and faith community striving for the holistic and optimal development of each person”.

Each Catholic school has its own Board, which represents its school community and actively promotes and supports the Catholic ethos of the school. The Board is not only responsible for the financial administration of the school, it is also entrusted with planning to meet the present and future needs of its students.

School Boards are inducted and commissioned at the beginning of each school year. Catholic Education Western Australia supports school board members, including providing access to training and appropriate courses.

Close and mutually beneficial working relationships between schools and parishes are essential to the Church’s mission. All Catholic School Boards are accountable to the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia.

As  part  of  the  Church’s  mission  Schools  form  vital aspects  of  Parish  life.  Close  and  mutually  beneficial working  relationships  between  Schools  and  Parish  are essential.  The  Catholic  School  Board  is  accountable  to  the  Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia.  The Principal of a Catholic School is employed by the Bishop  of  the  Diocese  and  as  such  is  accountable  to the  Bishop  of  the  Diocese  through  the  Director  of Catholic Education.  The  Principal  of  a  Catholic  School  is  an  Ex-Officio member  of  the  School  Board  and  is  answerable  to the  School  Board  in  the  areas  designated  in  the Constitution.

Board Members

  • Mrs Genevieve Constantine (Board Chair)
  • Mrs Carol Hull (Vice Board Chair)
  • Mrs Michelle Borserio (Secretary)
  • Mrs Yvonne Fahey (Treasurer)
  • Mr Neil Dixon
  • Mr Mark Utley
  • Mrs Rikki Kohn (P&F Representative)