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Canning Shakespeare CompetitionPosted in The Arts on Thursday, 5 September, 2019

On Saturday, 31 August the Year 11 Drama students from Mandurah Catholic College participated in the Canning Shakespeare Competition onstage at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. The competition included students from schools all over the Canning electorate and was hosted by MP Andrew Haste. Out of 20 acts that were invited to perform as finalists in the competition, MCC had 9 of these acts. Each had to perform a Shakespearean Monologue individually, and they were judged on acting abilities, voice and movement.
The performances were judged by three professional actors: Glenda Linscott, Senior Lecturer in Acting at the Western Australia Performing Arts Academy (WAAPA); Julia Moody, who has taught at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (UK); and Hamish White, an actor from WAAPA.

Member for Canning Andrew Hastie said, “It’s a privilege to organise this competition on ever year, and I admire these students for taking a risk and having a go. I hope they were able to learn and grow from the experience.”

Each student performed incredibly well and ready did the College proud. Out of those who performed as finalists, Year 11 students Ava Berryman placed 3rd and Tom Crocker placed 2nd! Tom Crocker performed as Benedick (Act II, Scene III) from Much Ado About Nothing and Ava performed as Beatrice (Act IV Scene I) in Much Ado About Nothing.
Ben Ginbey and Maysun Yeo also received  High Commendations for their performances.
Each student had the opportunity to sit with and receive feedback from the Head of Acting, overall it was an incredibly positive experience for our students.
Mrs Joanne Hennessey
Drama Teacher

Student Comments

Mrs Hennessy and Mr O’Neill both told me about the competition and all ATAR Drama students entered together. The entry process meant we had to submit a video of our monologue, as well as a brief on why we chose that specific one. I’d performed my monologue for the Semester One exams so I was pretty confident with it already, but we worked on it in class to polish the piece before the finals and Mrs Hennessy really helped get it to where it is now. I wasn’t at all nervous in the lead up to the performance, which is very different for me as I usually tend to stress about performing! We just entered for fun and when the class found out we all got into the finals, none of us thought we’d actually win, especially me, because I felt the rest of the class were far better performers so I didn’t really go in with the attitude that I was going to win, I just wanted to experience the competition with my friends. All of the performers were incredible, so that really added to how brilliant it felt to come third. It was one of those times where I genuinely couldn’t predict who was going to win. When I heard I’d won, I thought they called out the wrong name for a moment! I was ecstatic. But I was actually even more excited when I’d heard Tom came second because he’d worked so hard to get his monologue to where it was and the fact that two MCC students had placed made me so happy. – Ava Berryman

I found out about the Shakespeare competition through my Drama teacher Mrs Hennessy. To enter the competition we had to submit videos of our monologues in hoping to make the finals at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. We spent time in class working on our monologues as well as individual practice to work on our blocking and characters. I was excited leading up to the performance because I was happy to be able to work with my Drama class as many of us made the finals. It was nice being able to watch them all perform their monologues really well. The help and feedback we received from Mrs Hennessy was valuable in getting the best out of our performances. I was nervous as my performance got closer but by the time I was performing, I was only focused on my character and that was all that mattered. The other finalists all performed so well and it was clear that everyone deserved to be there performing after so much hard work. I wasn’t expecting to place second and once I had found out, I didn’t really know what to say as I was just so happy and surprised! It was also nice to get called up alongside one of my good friends Ava, as I had someone who was really deserving to share the moment with. Overall, it was an awesome experience and I would recommend the competition to anyone interested in acting as any chance to perform in front of professionals is extremely valuable. – Tom Crocker


Pictured: Ben Ginbey, Tom Crocker, Ava Berryman and Maysun Yeo.

Pictured: Ava Berryman and Tom Crocker with their certificates

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