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Centre of Attention Makeup ArtistryPosted in The Arts on Friday, 18 October, 2019

Last term, Courtney Hollins from Centre of Attention Makeup Artistry facilitated a workshop for some Arts students. Courtney, who was the winner of 2018 Face Awards Australia, came in to teach the students on how Body Art is a form of Visual Art. She also offered a tutorial on applying stage makeup for our dance and drama students.

Courtney’s presentation included the message that it’s important to use your talent as a positive influence on social media.

We will be having an afternoon for the students who attended to come to the art room in Term 4 to try out some of the techniques they learnt on their own models. Their works will be showcased in the upcoming Art Exhibition.

Courtney - 7
Courtney2 - 1
Courtney - 3
Courtney - 1
Courtney - 4
Courtney2 - 2
Courtney - 2
Courtney - 6