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“Clarity, consistency and consequences” – New College RulesPosted in Whole College on Wednesday, 22 January, 2020

Year 12 students at Mandurah Catholic College were pivotal in the generation of the new College Rules document, set to be implemented at the start of the 2020 school year. The 2019 Year 12 Student Leaders worked to represent the whole student body with the new College Rules, developed over many months last year with the support of Deputy Principal of Pastoral Care, Mrs Mary-Anne Reynolds, and with the key objective of improving academic performance and learning in the classroom.

“Clarity, consistency and consequences,” Mrs Reynolds said were the three aims of the document. “This new set of College Rules is much more accessible for students, making the expectations we hold for them very clear. Our big focus for the 2020 year is consistency and ensuring that students improve their regularity in following the rules, particularly when it comes to uniform and behaviour.”

“The College community has chosen these rules and we want to uphold them,” Mrs Reynolds said. “The consequences of rule breaking are clearly outlined in the document, and teachers will be following through with students who are doing the wrong thing.”

“The College Rules will better facilitate the professional, positive relationship students have with staff, create a safer environment with better behaviour and most importantly, a basis to improve learning.” The College Rules tie in with the Catholic ethos of the College and reflect the College Strategic Plan with the focuses Grow, Achieve, Contribute and Sustain.

The new College Rules document replaces the old Student Code of Conduct with a focus on clearly communicating expectations of travelling to and from school, behaviour, uniform, and the use of smart devices.

The College Rules clearly outline the College policy of mobile phone use, which differs from the Department of Education policy of banning phones at State schools altogether. “The College has always had the rule that phones are to be kept in lockers,” Mrs Reynolds said.

“Our policy prioritises the safety of the students, while allowing students to have access to their phones on the way to and from school, allowing peace of mind for their parents and guardians.”

In a letter to parents, Mrs Reynolds highlighted the key role parents and guardians play in helping to uphold and reinforce the College Rules with their children. “The College-Family relationship is paramount in matters such as this. Your assistance in helping to achieve consistency with students adhering to the College Rules is much appreciated.”

The 2019 Year 12 Student Leaders also worked to create a new Student Code of Conduct, which allows the students ownership over the document, and has so far been very well received by students. The College Rules have been made available to families via the MCC App and are available to view on the College website.

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