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College IT Emphasis on Sustainability Reaps Significant ResultsPosted in College Community,Sustainability on Friday, 24 May, 2019

The College emphasis on sustainability continues this year with a focus on the impact of our IT department, and a simple change of process has resulted in a 22,000 page saving of paper.

ICT Helpdesk Coordinator Mr Cameron Leishman is thrilled with the result. “As one of the key stakeholders in the ability to assess our digital processes, the support department have been internally brainstorming ways to achieve a more environmentally sustainable digital ecosystem. Alongside a number of projects (with exciting outcomes yet to be released) was the decision to set all printing to double-sided by default. This resulted in an immediate and significant reduction in paper use. (~20,000 pages when compared to Term 1 Week 1 usage). The next step in this particular focus is to encourage more digital collaboration to reduce the need to print at all!”

Head of Learning Area Learning Technologies Mr Johnny Ho confirmed that “this year IT Support have a target focus on sustainability within the College.” It certainly seems that this goal is well underway to being fulfilled.