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Device FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions, which may assist in your understanding of the addition of devices within our College community, are answered below.

Are parents paying for the Digital Learning Device?

Will parents have to pay for the DLD if it is damaged, lost or stolen?

Will parents be required to buy accessories?

Will parents be required to pay for Apps (programs) from the Apple App Store?

Is there an agreement I need to sign before my child can have access to their DLD?

Will my child need an Apple ID?

Will my child need to have credit card details to register for an Apple ID account?

Will my child be able to put their music on the DLD?

Is my child allowed to install games?

Can the parents regulate what Apps are installed or deleted on the DLD?

Can my child have their DLD taken from them?

Does the DLD need space for a 3G Micro sim?

Do I need to buy a wireless internet connection for home?

What happens if the DLD just stops working?

Will the DLD add extra weight to my child’s school bag?

How does my child back up the information that is on their DLD?

Can you print from the DLD?

Will my child ‘Jail Break’ their DLD?

Who controls my child’s internet access at school?

Who controls my child’s internet access outside of school?

Who do we contact at the College if we are concerned about DLD usage?

Will the battery last all day at school?

Will my child’s internet use be monitored at school?

Will my child still need their books?