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Courageous to the endPosted in Sport on Friday, 6 July, 2018

Match Report – Round 5 v CBC

MCC 4.1 (25) lost to CBC 16.7 (103)

The final game of the season was also our final road trip of the year. A little undermanned  and a large oval were some challenges that the team would face for their final 50 minutes of the season against CBC in Fremantle.

The game started well with some crucial contested ball wins, but unfortunately the polish on some of the delivery into the forwards was subpar. Going the other way, CBC were able to make use of some strong key forwards, which resulted in goals often and early. This would prove to be the consistent theme through to half time with the home team taking a commanding lead 57-0. The score did not reflect the effort put in by key players which included Rob Hutson, Liam Free, Brad Hodge and Bailey Norris. While our defence was scored upon often, it would not be through the lack of effort from Xavier Deleo and Cameron Martley, who ensured each goal was earned.

It was great to see team mates taking responsibility and helping their fellow team mate try to stop the rot and, upon reflection, put in our second best team effort over the course of the season. While the team could have rolled over and given up, the maroon and gold galvanised themselves to make a strong start to the second half. Through the first 19 minutes of the second half MCC had outscored CBC 4.1 to 2.2, which shows that we can mix it with the best teams in the comp. Once again, everyone who was down lifted and those that were already playing at a high level took another step forward. It was great football to watch and each member should be proud of that 19 minutes because it showed how well we could play. The final six minutes saw the group run out of gas and CBC kicked 5 goals in that time to put an end to our year.

Positive Performances

  1. Rob Hutson – He has arguably been the most consistent First XVIII player over the last two years and once again led from the front. Shows great hardness at the contest and with some cleaner skills could be elite. CBC would have had legitimate concerns over Rob’s influence during the game and they should have, he’s a competitive beast!
  2. Brad Hodge – Hodgey has worn the C for the majority of the season and mainly because of his hard work during each game. Once again he had another solid performance through the midfield and was one who tried to help steady the defence when they were under severe pressure. His last First XVIII Football game for the College and, despite having his fair share of injuries over the years, can be happy with his consistency in 2018.
  3. Liam Free – Surprisingly agile for a big man, played it smart in the ruck trying to rove taps from the opposition. Another who took it upon himself to move into defence and stem the tide. Just another who worked hard over the 50 minutes and based on his output on the game should hold his head high.
  4. Bailey Norris – Bailey can cop a bit of criticism sometimes when his attack on the ball is lacking, but that wasn’t the case today attacking both ball and player with vigour. Got an opportunity in the midfield, which is where he will probably see more time next year as a Year 12 player. A little more polish would have led to a few more forward thrusts and scores for the team, but it wasn’t through a lack of trying. In our top half a dozen who showed great attack throughout the game.
  5. Cameron Martley – No fuss, all effort from Cameron and while it looked more like David vs. Goliath playing at full back, he never gave up. Caused a few spills and was composed when he had ball in hand. When he started training for First XVIII Football he probably didn’t think he’d be playing at all, yet his persistence has shown the results. Got the most out of himself not only today, but always.

That puts season 2018 to bed. We finished 1-4, and came 5th. The Darling Range game would have got us through but, regardless, it was hopefully a season that you all enjoyed playing in school colours. Whether it be for the first or last time, you should be proud to wear the jumper each time you play because the opportunities are limited. To the Year 12 players, thank you for your service. The home games and road trips are hopefully something you reflect upon in years to come, because again those opportunities don’t come often.

It is always a pleasure coaching and appreciate your dedication to the program every year.

See you in 2019…

Mr Danny Chartres
First XVIII coach