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Dance and AcrobaticsPosted in The Arts on Friday, 18 October, 2019

Dance Extension students have had a lot of fun in their training sessions this week trialling two new programs; Acrobatic Arts and Progressing Ballet Technique before they are integrated into the Dance elective courses in 2020.

Both programs are designed to enhance strength and technique. The skills and awareness students build through participating in both programs transfer beautifully to improve results in technique assessments and make for stronger performances. Both programs cater for students who are complete beginners, right through to our most advanced dancers.

In 2020, students who select Year 10A Dance as an elective will train in Progressing Ballet Technique and students who select 8A Dance will train in Acrobatic Arts alongside their core genres of contemporary and/or ballet.

For more information on the Progressing Ballet Technique course, please click here.

For more information on the Acrobatic Arts course, please click here.

Mrs Amanda Day
Dance Teacher