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Drama Club Productions Allow Students to ShinePosted in The Arts on Friday, 9 August, 2019

Last weekend, 100 Mandurah Catholic College students were gearing up for the Primary and Middle School Drama Club productions of Kid Frankenstein and Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit. The productions were a huge hit with students giving it their all over the three performances.

Kid Frankenstein is a light-hearted comedy loosely based on Mary-Shelley’s Frankenstein and follows the adventure of a group of science-loving kids who embark on a crazy adventure to bring their monster to life, creating wise-spread panic in their town.

Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit is a hilarious one-act play which follows two detectives as they investigate a suspicious pile of straw, interrogating some recognisably ridiculous fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters in an effort to capture an unlikely perpetrator.

Extraordinarily, all of the technical and backstage roles were completed by students. Senior drama students designed and operated the lighting and did the sound for both shows. They also managed the props and set including the many transitions on stage. Two senior drama students also took on the challenging role of stage manager, calling the whole show from the new College mezzanine level ‘bio box’. With most schools not having the ability or desire to teach the technical side of a stage production, these students were lucky to have the opportunity to learn about the roll from Production Co-Director, and former professional stage manager, Mrs Corinna Herbert. Remarkably, Drama Club rehearsals for the show only started in Week 6 of Term One – a significant factor considering that for many of the students this was their first big show.

Mrs Herbert said that Drama Club “is layered to cater to all abilities in order to challenge kids at the appropriate level. I feel that the theatre is a place where any child should be able to come and be creative. Drama is a life skill – being confident, working in a team, thinking on your feet and problem solving – these are all important talents to learn. It’s about giving kids the opportunity to find what they love. The students gain confidence, learn a lot and make lasting friendships.”

Drama club has grown considerably over the years. “We now have so many Years 5-12 students involved we have had to split it into Primary and Middle School Clubs, and we have also had to limit our numbers.” Mrs Herbert said. “Drama Club allows students to discover who they are. It is the training ground for the Senior Production and the Musical, and our way to find hidden talent. I would love to see Drama Club continue and build. I am so proud of the students – they handled themselves very well.”

The shows were entered into the Catholic Performing Arts Festival with a judge attending the performances on the Friday night.

Next is the Whole College Musical, which will be announced in the next could of weeks.

Student Quotes

“Working as a stage hand was such an amazing experience! Being able to help the actors look even better than they already were was such a privilege for me, also when you are involved in school productions you and the others become like a little family where you laugh and have fun. So for me I loved it and had a great experience!” – Kate Henderson, Stage Hand

“I played Stiltskin in this year’s Middle School Drama Club production, Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit. It was an amazing experience to perform alongside my talented cast members; we’re like a family now. But of course, none of this could have happened without our amazing stage crew, Mrs Herbert, Mr Capener and Liz Crook who all sacrificed so much time and patience help us bring these outlandish, fairytale characters to life. Stiltskin was such a fun character to play, my all-time favourite scene has got to be the ‘echoey flashback’ scene, where I just get to yell ‘objection!’ at the top of my lungs.”  – Karoline Magpily, Stiltskin

“I absolutely loved being a part of both Law and Order: Fairytale Unit and Kid Frankenstein. It was a truly amazing experience watching the Middle School and Primary School actors and actresses really grow and bond; they have all come so far since the start and they pulled of some fabulous shows. We had a really good team helping with tech, costuming, and stage crew as well as directing and stage managing, and I would like to congratulate them all. I loved learning how operate different programs such as qLab and the sound desk. Lastly I would like to thank Mrs Herbert for this amazing opportunity it was really great.” – Chloe Sowerbutts – Sound

“I loved playing Mr Klondike in the Primary Kid Frankenstein Production, it was very exciting and was great working as a team. Mr Capener and Mrs Herbert were very encouraging and positive throughout the whole experience.” – Harvey Gladman – Mr Klondike

“Kid Frankenstein was a pleasure to be a part of. In the end all our had work, dedication and determination paid off to put on a bright fun and wacky show with plenty of Laughs” – Taylah Green, Frankie #2

“When I found out I got the role Mrs Magilacutty, I was buzzing with excitement! Every single rehearsal was productive and fun! When it got to opening night, I was excited but also I was very sad because I knew this was my last production at the College. Every minute spent reading my lines, blocking my scenes and talking with my fellow cast members was an experience and a memory that I will never forget. I encourage everybody to try out Drama Club to make friends, have fun, and most of all PERFORM! In the time we had creating the production, we had our ups and downs, but in the end it all came together and looked amazing! And remember “Life is not a dress rehearsal, the curtain is up and you are on so get out there and give it your best shot!”  – Alice Herbert, Mrs Magilacutty

“Kid Frankenstein and Law and Order: Fairy Tale unit was an AMAZING learning experience, the people I worked with and the environment that The Arts Department has created is amazing. It was an amazing opportunity and would definitely do it again.” – Jamie Kilcoyne, Lighting


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