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Easter Hops into MCC!Posted in College Community,Whole College on Friday, 12 April, 2019


This morning the Primary School children from Pre-Primary to Year 6 participated in the Stations of the Cross Liturgy, held in the gym.

Selected students across Years 3 to 6, performed tableaus of each of the 14 Stations of the Cross, reverently to their peers. The Stations of the Cross show the path Jesus walked, on his way to the crucifixion. Along this path, Jesus suffered, was insulted and laughed at.  Jesus was helped by his mother and friends.

We hope all children are reminded of the incredible sacrifice that Jesus made for us. May they faithfully follow in his footsteps, and be the best people they can be.

Sharyn Farrell

Stations of the Cross - Secondary - 1
Stations of the Cross - Secondary - 8
Stations of the Cross - Secondary - 12
Stations of the Cross - Secondary - 9
Stations of the Cross - Secondary - 4
Stations of the Cross - Secondary - 10


The one and only annual MCC Easter Raffle was again hosted today by the P&F who put together a whopping 105 Easter baskets for the lucky ticket holders amongst the MCC Community. Hosted by new P&F President Mrs Beck Hayes, the afternoon was met with the usual delight and awe by the students, taking in the sea of Easter goodies on display as they eagerly awaited the possibility of their name being called.

Mrs Hayes wanted to thank the entire MCC community for once again coming together to raise money for the College. “Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and bought tickets and to the helpers who put the baskets together. Your contribution has been amazing and so appreciated.”

“Thank you to those who helped put the baskets together: Genevieve (president of the College Board), parents Casee, Michelle, Sara, Sam and Jeanine, along with Lisa, Rikki and Deb from the P & F. Thank you to our Easter bunnies Joel Clementson and Megan Larmour, the Easter Assembly Helpers: Rikki, Lisa and Debbie from the P&F and Lisa King and Donna Stiles handing out the baskets.”

Mrs Hayes said, “It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this before and for me it was overwhelming to see how generous the parents and families of MCC are. They donated some fantastic gifts. It’s not all about the learning here. Having three children here at the College, I  know that one of the best thinngs about the school is the community that is being created and at times like this it shows you how beautiful it really is,” she said. “From me personally, a big thank you to everyone who donated time, money or Easter goodies.”

Three of the baskets, full to the brim with Easter delights, were donated by the P&F today with one going to  Pat Thomas House Women’s Refuge this morning, and two donated to Our Lady’s Assumption Parish.


Photos: Jill from Pat Thomas House and Father Anson from Our Lady’s Assumption Parish accepting the Easter Baskets from P&F President Beck Hayes

Easter Raffle - 13
Easter Raffle - 7
Easter Raffle - 3
Easter Raffle - 9
Easter Raffle - 2
Easter Raffle - 6
Easter Raffle - 12
Easter Raffle - 11
Easter Raffle - 8
Easter Raffle - 1