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Effort not reflected on scoreboard – First XVIII footballPosted in Sport on Monday, 14 May, 2018

Round 1 – MCC V Comet Bay

MCC 3.6 (24) lost to Comet Bay 8.12 (60)

The First XVIII football season kicked off in wintry conditions with a strong wind blowing to the Primary School end. The home team won the toss and decided to kick with what seemed to be a 5-goal breeze. The match started well with First XVIII debutante Jack Sadler getting first hands on the ball in the ruck and giving decent service to Jackson Knight and Brad Hodge. Liam Free opened the scoring with a brilliant over the shoulder snap inside the first two minutes. Not long after, Darren Beard launched a Malcolm Blight-type bomb from 80 metres to give MCC their second goal and things were looking positive. From that point on the game was a slog, with MCC controlling the field position battle with the aid of the breeze but, unfortunately, Comet Bay made the most of their opportunities late in the half taking a 3.3 to 2.4 lead.

The boys had worked hard in the first half but did not get the result they wanted so they made a concerted effort early in the second half not to let the game blow out. For the first 10 minutes the game went goal less and MCC was mounting the pressure. Every player was playing their role and it looked as though MCC could pull off an unlikely victory being only 11 points behind with 12 minutes remaining. In the end some slick ball movement from Comet Bay allowed them to kick the last four goals of the game and ultimately run out as 36 point winners.

Positive Performances
Jack Sadler – the most consistent over the whole game playing in the ruck and getting bulk hit-outs. Even did some nice work after the tap getting some clean possessions and laying tackles. After a solid first game, has plenty of scope to get better as the season moves on.

Jackson Knight and Brad Hodge – hard to separate these two off the field. Also hard to separate them on it. Both boys worked hard in and under to win clearances and continually surge the ball forward for the side. Spent majority of their time in the midfield and never quit. More efforts across the board will see us win more games in 2018.

Jai Henare – one of the youngest members of the First XVIII squad acquitted himself well against some older opposition with some strong defensive efforts, which included four quality spoils. Our best defender for the day and with his athleticism should be aiming to play on opposition key forwards each week.

Charlie Dann– While there wasn’t much action in our forward line in the second half, Charlie continued to battle with some good tackling and neat skills. Was influential in the first half getting his hands on the ball regularly and doing good things.

Rob Hutson– came into the game midway through the first half and looked like he could tear the game open with his burst from stoppages. Once on the ground worked hard and provided us with some good forward entries. Will be important as the season develops.


Round 2 – MCC V Emmanuel College

MCC 2.4 (16) lost to Emmanuel 8.7 (55)

The MCC First XVIII played their first road game of the year at Emmanuel College, who at this time last year walked away with a big victory. The maroon and gold were hoping to change their fortunes in their second game of the season. The match itself began in a sloppy fashion with skills being below par but this allowed the game to stay close.

Into the wind MCC were excellent in defence with Dann standing tall in a key position role and Bailey Norris tightly checking some small forwards, while the trio of Hutson, Hodge and Knight provided solid defensive support. As the first half progressed some spite crept in and this galvanised the team heading into halftime only down by two goals.

The second half started in a promising manner with MCC having the run of play and, after a great intercept mark and goal from Liam Free, the margin was only a goal. With the breeze at the team’s back it seemed MCC would get on top and run away with the game. This would not prove the case, with Emmanuel outworking their opposition and showing clean skills win games.

Another unfortunate loss in an effort that promised so much. Kicking five goals in two games shows a lack of avenues to goal and something we need to address before our next game at home against Clontarf.

Positive Performances
Charlie Dann
– One of the few that used the ball reasonably well, and was a steady hand across half back taking marks and marshalling the defence well. A solid all-round game from 23.

Rob Hutson – Another effort that is characterised by strong efforts at the football. Sometimes let down by his skills, but if he had another 17 guys on the field showing the same intensity, this team would be in a better place.

Harrison Hull – Waroona’s finest did a good job patrolling the wing and providing an outlet from defence. Touched the ball more than most and attacked the ball well when it was in his area.

Bailey Norris – Positioned himself well in defence and covered a dangerous forward. Bailey’s best and worst are poles apart, but with more consistency is an important part of the team.

Ethan White – On a day where forwards did it tough, Whitey was good early putting pressure on as well as using his left boot to good effect. While it would have been nice to hit the scoreboard, he wasn’t alone in the scoring drought.

Mr Danny Chartres
Team Coach