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Mandurah Catholic College appreciates that as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, families may be impacted negatively in many ways, including financially. If your family is experiencing financial hardship, please refer to the College fees brochure for advice and contact Financial Officer Mrs Jackie Wilkie for further information on affordability measures.
Parents and Guardians can rest assured that their child’s current placing at Mandurah Catholic College is guaranteed, regardless of individual financial situation. Please refer to the recently distributed letter outlining fee relief and access to Health Care Card discounts (Please refer to the Principal’s letter, Corona Virus Update 9, 21 April  outlining fee relief and access to Health Care Card discounts).
Mandurah Catholic College recognises that because of COVID-19 some events, camps and excursions have been cancelled or postponed due to State and Federal Restrictions. With students resuming normal classes this week, the College has taken stock of these events and where a direct financial imposition has occurred, the College will be reviewing what costs may be refunded to families. This will be an ongoing process as the year continues. Specific details of refunds will be provided to families in later correspondence once this has been properly reviewed and as the scheduled event times pass.
As a Catholic College we are non-for-profit and run a close-to-balanced budget. As such, unplanned expenses (such as additional training for teachers, IT support, well-being measures, programming updates etc) need to be considered before any potential refunds can be determined.