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Excellence applauded at Academic AssemblyPosted in Academic,Achievements,Secondary on Wednesday, 5 February, 2020

2019 Year 12 students who completed their studies with merit were at the forefront of today’s Academic Assembly.

The Alumni Academic Award was presented to Jamie Boukaseff, who achieved an ATAR score of 98.8. Jamie, along with Micaela Lazaroo who achieved a score of 98.65, have been inducted into the 97 Club, an honorary club at Mandurah Catholic College for students who achieve an ATAR score higher than 97.

Morgan Mullins was acknowledged for achieving the VET Exhibition, for being the top VET Student in the entire State in her course; Retail and Personal Services.

MCC had five students who received a Subject Certificate of Excellence, awarded to students in the top 0.5 per cent of candidates in each ATAR course examination. Vyvienne Bautista, Eve Fitzpatrick and Rachelle Nardini all received a Subject Certificate of Excellence for ATAR English, while Mark Ajero received one for ATAR Outdoor Education and Micaela Lazaroo for Religion and Life.

In welcoming the audience of students, staff, parents and invited guests, College Principal, Mr Chris Wallace, kept with tradition in setting goals for the 2020 school year. This year, Mr Wallace has centred his goals around helping to build resilience, with a different focus each term. The themes of Empathy, Gratitude and Mindfulness all tie into the idea of building resilience and Mr Wallace talked specifically about how the students could build Empathy this Term. He encouraged them to do five simple things – practice curiosity, volunteer their time, challenge their own prejudices and bias, use their imagination and practise experiential empathy.

Keynote speaker, Jamie Boukaseff, was a valuable addition to the Assembly, letting his peers in on his fruitful study habits and philosophy of balance, which ultimately saw him top the College’s ATAR rankings. Jamie’s message: do what you love! Keep the trips to the beach, the sports you enjoy and friends and family catch ups. He talked about the importance of knowing yourself and recommended scheduling fun activities when you know you’re less likely to be productive with studying. He also outlined the importance of developing good relationships with teachers, and utilising them as much as possible for study tips and pearls of wisdom.

Scores of high achieving students from Years 7-11 last semester (2019) were also applauded at the assembly, awarded with Certificates of Merit acknowledging their achievement of mostly A grades. These students are now members of the honorary High Achievers Club and will be treated to a celebratory luncheon hosted by the College Executive.

Staff members Miss Caitlin Laity, Mrs Chelsea Parker, Mrs Louise Merry, Mrs Justine Smith and Mr Jack Keady were also acknowledged for academic achievements last year and their commitment to lifelong learning.

Kloe Phillips-Jones 91.80
Eve Fitzpatrick 92.20
Hannah Garbin 93.90
Rachelle Nardini 94.20
Olivia Bassett-Scarfe 94.70
Dylan Cox 94.75
Bronte O’Kane 95.50
Vyvienne Bautista 96.05
Micaela Lazaroo 98.65
Jamie Boukaseff 98.80
VET Exhibition
Morgan Mullins Retail and Personal Services
Subject Certificate of Excellence
Vyvienne Bautista English
Eve Fitzpatrick English
Rachelle Nardini English
Mark Ajero Outdoor Education
Micaela Lazaroo Religion and Life
VET Ceritifcate of Excellence
Morgan Mullins Retail and Personal Services
Certificate of Distinction
Jamie Boukaseff
Hannah Garbin
Micaela Lazaroo
Bronte O’Kane
Certificate of Merit
Olivia Bassett-Scarfe
Vyvienne Bautista
Dylan Cox
Eve Fitzpatrick
Niamh Irons
Jamie-Anne Madigan
Rachelle Nardini
Kloe Phillips-Jones
Kirra Strack



Certificate of Merit – Year 7 2019

Eppen-Van Der Aa, Elizabeth
Mallinder, Ellie
Agaloos, Julian Vince
Heales, Indiana
Mains, Sophia
Mathew, Amisha
Hiller, Ricki
Staines, Natasha
Watson, Jack
Edwards, Isla
Farhi, Sienna
Hall, Katelyn
Kellerman, Lindie
McKenzie, Addison
Archer, Marley
Beckwith, Ruby
Chattaway, Amity
Coetzee, Sharnika

Certificate of Merit – Year 8 2019

Glatzel, Allanah
Ward, Emily
Pattison, Jake
Besson, Megan
Lim, Dawn
Magpily, Karoline
Pitter, Mackenzie
Sowerbutts, Chloe
Jennings, Tianah
Mladineo, Keira
Shaw, Lewis
Jennings, Lilli
Hughes, Ashleigh
Kandel, I Ketut
Marsh, Hayley
McClements, Mia
Perkins, Phoebe
Simpson, Emily
Tagudin, Allaine
Venn, Tadhg
Srhoj, Kaitlyn
Utley, Olivia
Ford, Ella


Certificate of Merit – Year 9 2019

Stenchion, Hannah
Lewis, Catrin
Rubie, Jenna
Donegan, Molly
Teo, Wei Le
Pearman, Amber
Duncan-Brown, Esme
Lambert, William
Golding, Poppy
Gowdie, Jazmin
Edwards, Keely
Thomas, Kaylee
McAdam, Grace
Gallagher, Isaak
Bourke, Meg
Mann, Adele

Certificate of Merit – Year 10 2019

Hobbs, Kiara
Lea, Sarah
Love-Nally, Stacey
Burgos, Sean
Galindo, Christine
Wood, Tori
Clulow, Emma
Brown, Charli
Jarvis, India
Mahony, Jordan
Harley, Jacinta
Meyer, Kerry-Anne
Narido, Errus
Strong, Larissa
Madeo, Andriae
Allen, Bryce
Hollow, Ben
Rimban, Gladys
Rowley, Courtney


Certificate of Merit – Year 12 2019
Micaela Lazaroo
Bronte O’Kane
Niamh Irons
Kirra Strack
Jamie Boukaseff
Charlize Stone
Ryan Male
Olivia Bassett-Scarfe
Vyvienne Bautista
Hannah Garbin
Rachelle Nardini
Andrew Pasco
Adam Staines
Brianna Thompson
Georgia Tarleton
Jessica Whiting
Therese Trigosa
Morgan Mullins
Savannah Linklater