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General NoticesPosted in General Notices on Friday, 8 February, 2019


The College welcomes the following new Staff members:

New Staff 2019        

Steve Biggs, Teacher – HASS
Fiona Black, Teacher – VET
Torryl Blackwell, Director of the Arts
Amanda Day, Teacher – Arts
Kara Curci, Teacher Assistant (Primary)
Troy Francesconi, Vice Principal
Zoe Hayes,  Teacher – Kindergarten
Bonnie Heales,  Admin Officer – The Arts
Johnny Ho, Director of Learning Technologies
Caitlin Laity, Teacher – Primary
Aaron Norris, Teacher – Mathematics
Bree O’Hara, Teacher – Home Economics (for Term 1)
Kilian Rawson,  Trainee – Physical Education
Candyce Reeves,  Teacher – Primary
Michael Roche,   Teacher – IT
Donna Stark-Senteneller,  Teacher – English
Eliza Steyl, Teacher – Home Economics
Chris Winters, Head of Learning Area – English
Jack Keady,  Teacher – Music
Lisa Vergone, Teacher – PE
Brittany Seymour,  Teacher – Design & Technology


We also welcomed back from leave:

Capel Allan, Community Relations Department
Sharni Bunn, Teacher – Primary
Jessica Eastwell,  Teacher – Science Primary
Julie Keeley,  Teacher Assistant (Primary)
Lisa King,  Assistant Head of Primary School
Chelsea Parker, Digital Content Library Technician
Toni Rhodes,  Teacher Assistant (Secondary)
Tania Ward,  Admin Officer


We also welcome staff into new roles:

Capel Allan, CR Department
Jessica Eastwell, Teacher – Science Primary
Chelsea Parker, Digital Content Library Technician
Tania Ward,  Admin Officer – Primary
Karen Williams,  Admin Officer – Print Hub (for Term 1
Matt Edwards, Head of Year 7
Regan Dyer, Head of Year 8
Justin Chalwell, Head of Year 9
Justine Smith, Head of Year 10
Louise Merry, Head of Year 11
Chloe Sullivan, Head of Year 12
Joanne Hennessy, Head of House – St Joseph’s
Charlie Fourie,  Head of House – St Mary’s


Staff on Parental Leave:
Victoria Borlase
Ashley Breadsell
Sarah Cooke
Celeste DeJonge
Megan Foo
Renae Fowler
Kristine Gunton
Sinead Leef
Georga Luttrell
Melissa Patten
Simone Wortley


Members of the community may have noticed the building work currently being undertaken at the front of the College. After two years of planning and waiting, our new addition has been delivered! Final touches are being added and it will soon be presented to the world! Can you guess what lies underneath?


On Tuesday, 14 February we celebrate St Valentine’s Day – a feast that rejoices in romantic love and lifelong marriage. In many countries of the world, the feast coincides with Marriage Week.

St Valentine was a priest in Rome at the time of Emperor Claudius II. His association with young lovers is well known even in modern times. The story goes that Claudius, urgent to recruit soldiers for his armies, decreed that all weddings be suspended so as to encourage more single, unfamilied men to serve in combat. Seeing the anguish of the young couples forbidden to marry, St Valentine allegedly performed secret weddings in defiance of the Emperor.

Another legend holds that while awaiting his execution, St Valentine restored the sight of his jailer’s blind daughter. On the eve of his death, he is reported to have penned a farewell note to the young girl signing it, “From your Valentine”.

He was beheaded on 14 February, 269 AD and buried on the Flaminian Way where archaeologists have unearthed a catacomb and an ancient church dedicated in his name. He is the Patron Saint of engaged couples, happy marriages, love and lovers.

We celebrate on this feast not only the love shared by those couples among us, but also the love of the Great Lover, Jesus. Christ, our bridegroom, invites us to join him in an everlasting covenant; an eternal love union that is reflected in the love of each and every dedicated married couple. I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.


At this time of the year the College schedules Parent Information Evenings across every year level to provide the opportunity for staff to meet parents and outline major aspects of the year ahead.  We thank parents in advance for the commitment made in attending these nights:

Year 11, Tuesday, 12 February
Primary, Wednesday, 13 February
Year 10, Tuesday, 19 February
Year 7, Thursday, 21 February
Year 8, Tuesday, 26 February
Year 9, Thursday, 28 February


The College supports students in state and regional competitions and in College representative teams. When planning to enter your child in external musical, sporting or other such competitions or events, it is vital to bear in mind their academic progress and, in particular, any assessments that might be missed. Parents and guardians need to discern the benefit of any events and the potential impact on their child’s learning. Taking children away on holidays is also included in this. There may, however, be times when these events do override College expectations. In this instance, please contact the College well in advance.


All visitors to the College are required to sign in. Upon visiting the College, please make your way directly to Parent Reception in the administration building to lodge your details. You will be provided with an identification badge that should be worn at all times.


Upon entering the College through the main entrance, to keep the traffic flowing during the peak pick-up and drop-off times, please familiarise yourself with the Traffic Flow information on page 16 of the 2019 Handbook. Please observe the NO STANDING and NO PARKING signs on roundabouts and road verges.

Please be advised that there is strictly no parking on the street verge. This includes Mandurah Catholic College grass verge and the footpath, as well as the verge opposite the College. The Mandurah City Council will soon to erect signage, at which point offenders may be prosecuted.

The College offers a ‘Kiss and Go’ loop via the Coodanup Drive entrance, along with a pick-up and drop-off point on the oval perimeter, close to the Primary School with access via the one-way ring road. Please only make use of these options in future.


Vacancies still exist in Pre-Primary for  2019 and expressions of interest are being accepted for Kindergarten and Year 7 in 2020 and 2021. Please submit your application form as soon as possible. Families with students currently attending MCC must still submit applications for siblings. The enrolment of siblings does not occur automatically. 

Please visit the College website for more information or email the undersigned on

Mrs Michelle Thorn
College Registrar