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Grip Leadership ConferencePosted in Secondary on Monday, 16 March, 2020

Today at the Grip Leadership Conference the Year 10 Leaders learnt how to engage with an audience when reading, how to lead in positive partnerships with teachers, how to write a good speech, and many more things that will help us out with our leadership roles this year.

The leadership conference also taught us how to get involved and organised a wide variety of events which will increase participation and enjoyment.

We learned that leadership is more than giving speeches, but standing up for the needs of our school and the community.

Key takeaways from this conference were the need to prioritise:

  1. Legacy before popularity
  2. People before projects
  3. Needs before wants
  4. Persistence before defeat

Overall this leadership conference was interesting, inclusive and engaging for all of us.

Dillon O’Connor and Braydon Miles
Year 10 Student Leaders 2020

Photo: Year 10 Student Leaders attend the Grip Leadership Conference