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HASS and Languages WeekPosted in College Community,Whole College on Friday, 9 August, 2019


HASS Week WA is a cross-sector celebration of the Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Areas across the state. Many events took place in schools, universities and at the WA State Library this week.

The HASS Learning Area staff coordinated activities across all year groups; many students accepted the invitation to participate in a variety of competitions including the Nation-wide ASX Sharemarket Game where individual investors or group money-makers could win real cash prizes from the ASX. Students had the opportunity to take part in a letter writing competition to improve the environment around the school with prizes awarded for year group winners.

Middle School classrooms were buzzing with creative thinking and interesting research.

Paper chain dolls to represent different nations were made in class by Years 7 and 8 HaSS Classes which now surround the top of D Block.

The Daily Bulletin promoted various national competitions- all up for grabs.

Friday topped the week off with the MCC Jousting Carnival where opponents could battle it out for a gold coin donation.

Game show Quiz each day different year group. Good to see how competitive each year group became (Year 12s exceeded themselves).

Winners of the HaSS Gameshow

Year 7s

Ethan Della-Santina
Josh Freeman
Sean Congdon
Jessica O’Connor
Mischa McKay
Josie McKay

Year 8s

Jett Thomas
Cash Treen

Year 9s

Daniel McShane
Abigail Chifuntwe

Year 11s 

Ciara Murphy
Jade Weston
Kai Langestraat
Cameron Griffin

Year 12s 

Jethro Fry
Jedd Murty
Jamie Boukaseff
Josef Casson

Mrs Karen Hall
Head of Learning Area – Humanities and Social Sciences 

Languages Week

Languages Week had many activities going on this week including a Secret Language Skills Quiz. The teachers of MCC have many hidden language skills and students were asked to complete a quiz to identify staff and students heritages – results coming soon!!

Indonesian Language Club

Members of the Indonesian Language Club shared their love of Indonesia and Indonesian food by cooking up a storm for their peers. As part of the National Languages Week celebrations, students dressed up in traditional costumes and fried up some authentic Indonesian dishes. Mrs Magpilly showed off her culinary skills with some Perkedel Jagung. Students from Years 1 to 5 were shown how to cook Nasi Goreng and then sampled a few different dishes. A huge thank you to all the staff who assisted and to Megan Delport for her passion towards promoting languages at school.

Pizza Pizza

Students from Year 4G celebrated Languages Week by cooking and devouring fine Italian cuisine. A visit to the Home Economics building under the guidance of Hannah Bent, allowed the students to create their own Pizza. The direct extension of many recent fractions lessons was greatly enjoyed by all students. A huge thank you to Hannah, Ian Pemberton and Megan Delport for their time and efforts in getting 27 kids to produce an impressive lunch for themselves.

Mark Wise
Teacher 4G

Lunch Cook - 3
Lunch Cook - 6
Lunch Cook - 2
Lunch Cook - 1
Lunch Cook - 5
Lunch Cook - 4
Italian Board Games - 3
Italian Board Games - 7
Italian Board Games - 6
Italian Board Games - 1
Italian Board Games - 9
Italian Board Games - 4
Italian Board Games - 2
Italian Board Games - 8
Italian Board Games - 5
Pizza - 2
Pizza - 4
Pizza - 6
Pizza - 1
Pizza - 3
Pizza - 5
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