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High Achievers Years 8 to 12Posted in Achievements,Secondary on Friday, 8 March, 2019

High achieving students in the Secondary School have been acknowledged at two luncheons hosted by members of the College Leadership Team recently. The luncheons, held on Wednesday (Years 11-12) and Thursday (Years 8 to 10), celebrated students who achieved in the top 5% of their Semester 2, 2018 course results, across a number of learning areas.

Deputy Principal of Teaching and Learning Mr Paschal McCarthy said, “The luncheon is to reward these students, whose work ethic is to be commended. They are an excellent reflection of the College and positive role models for their peers.” The students not only achieved in the top 5% across the College Secondary School but, with new state grades, also achieved within the top 10% of students results across the state.

Year 8-10 High Achivers - 8
Year 8-10 High Achivers - 12
Year 8-10 High Achivers - 7
Year 8-10 High Achivers - 10
Year 8-10 High Achivers - 9
Year 8-10 High Achivers - 16

Photo: Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 enjoying themselves at the High Achiever’s Lunch

The students have now officially joined the High Achievers’ Club, which recognises students in Years 7 to 12 who achieve outstanding results for their academic subjects and consistent positive attributes in their Semester Reports.

College Principal Mr Chris Wallace acknowledged the students’ efforts saying they should be very proud of what they achieved and that he would like to see them again at future luncheons. “These students sustained an exceptional standard over their last Semester of study. Looking forward, I hope they are sufficiently motivated to continue growing and striving to achieve academic excellence.” Mr Wallace said.

Congratulations to these high achievers!


Photo: Students in Years 11 and 12 enjoying themselves at the High Achiever’s Lunch