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Inclusive BeachPosted in Secondary,Sport on Friday, 28 February, 2020

On Friday last week, the MCC Inclusive Sports team went to the ACC Inclusive Sports Beach Carnival at Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club. The first thing that we did was play some games on the grassed area with all sorts of schools. Sandy, Regan, Lily and I played Jenga and the tower did not fall for the entire game until the siren went! It was nice because everyone worked good together as a group. We played lots of different games on the beach in a team with different students from different schools. Cash was really good at photography, taking photos of everyone.

My favourite challenge was the sandcastle building where we worked as a team to make castles, bridges and rivers. It was good. After that we had recess and we went to the ocean for a free swim which was really good. They did have shark nets so we didn’t need to worry about sharks in our way. We also did body boarding with some little waves and two big waves.

I’m really happy to be back into Inclusive sports after missing out on ten pin bowling last year. It is really good because you get to do lots of activities and have lots of fun with good teachers and students. I like representing the school and leading the team, keeping an eye on the younger students.

Keegan Wilson
Year 11 Student

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