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MakerStorm Inter-School HackathonPosted in College Community,General Notices,STEAM on Monday, 25 November, 2019

Peel students came together for the MakerStorm Inter-School Hackathon!

On Thursday, MCC welcomed John Tonkin College students for a discussion on local ecotourism and how they could use science, technology, engineering and mathematics to solve environmental issues. A total of 60 students were involved in this fast-paced, hands-on and collaborative one-day event.  The day provided students with a unique opportunity to tackle an industry-relevant challenge and pitch their idea to an expert panel, in a supportive environment.

The students were lucky enough to have access to expert mentors, teachers and judges from Peel Bright Minds, Make Place, John Tonkin College,  Murdoch Uni, Peel-Harvey Catchment Council, Ways to Nature, Teck Design & Marketing, Engaging Education, Peel Development Commission, Student Edge along with special guest Mayor Rhys Williams.

Photo: Karen Lyons from The Makers, Greg Simpson from Murdoch University, Wendy Muir from Peel Development Commission, Jeremy Chetty from Student Edge, Vanessa McGuiness from Murdoch University, Kristie Tonkin from Peel Development Commission, Karen Dennett from Engaging Education, Sarah Curran Ragan from Peel Bright Minds, Esther Anderson from Teck Design & Marketing, and teachers Heather Brocklehurst from Mandurah Catholic College and from John Tonkin College.

Jeremy Chetty from Student Edge said, “MCC and John Tonkin came together to solve real world problems in the area that they’re living in.”

Vanessa McGuiness, an OutReach Officer from Murdoch University, came to mentor the students for the day. “My goal is to inspire these students to think about their local environments and how as a community can best support the tourism industry here,” she said.

The panel were very impressed with the eco-tourism ideas the students came up with.


Student Ideas

Team 1: “The B.E.C.-ies” (Won ‘Highly Commended’)

Project focus: Bushland/ Coastal

Project based on accommodation in Mandurah, with an environmental focus. “We have found that urbanisation and materialism has taken over focus and we would like to take it back to our roots with environment, with accommodation in the bush based between Mandurah and Lake Clifton.”

Team 2: “Bonete like Spaghetti” (Second Place)

Project focus: Bushland/ Coastal/ Estuary

KWOP WIRREN Adventures Program, introducing eco-tourism to Mandurah
Enriching mostly people with no experience or interest in the environment by giving them bush survival lessons and a camp, to ignite interest in the environment and saving the environment of Mandurah. An Aboriginal-themed survival adventure through the wilderness of the Peel Region.

Team 3: “Les Garcons”

Project focus: Bushland

Jewels of the Forest Lodge
Sensory Forest, choose your own adventure nature walk,

Team 4: “Basista”

Project focus: Coastal

“ARP – Artificial Reef Project”
Project revolves around utilising Mandurah’s coastline to create artificial reefs to bring tourism to Mandurah.

Team 5: “The Cake”

Project focus: Coastal

The Ocean Discovery – Dive Back in Time
An underwater museum experience that will be explored through the use of scuba diving and virtual reality where people can explore the insides and outsides of a submerged shipwreck off the coast.


Team 6: Tree Huggers (First Place)

Project focus: Estuary

A crab-themed cruising restaurant which tours the waterways and stops at local indigenous sites.

Team 7: “Where Did the Pelican’s Go?”

Project focus: Estuary

A sanctuary for dolphins and other marine life, where they can be safe and unaffected by people. It will be a giant dome under the Dawesville Cut with a building attached with a café and other restaurant facilities. Aboriginal art centre attached.


Noah Glenn: “I really enjoyed the creative aspect of this task”

Marissa DeBono: “I liked that I got to meet new people”

Keenan McBraida: “I enjoyed being able to express my ideas to a group of close friends”

Sebastian Sposetta: “I enjoyed seeing how other people are from other schools”

Mr Johnny Ho, Director of Learning Technologies: “This is great! 21st century skills in action, you can literally see the innovation take place!”

Photo: Winner of the ‘Highly Commended’ award, ‘The B.E.C.-ies’, pictured with Sarah Way from Ways to Nature

Photo: Second place winners ‘Bonete Like Spaghetti’, pictured with Steve Fisher from PHCC

Photo: First place went to ‘Tree Huggers’, pictured with Mayor Rhys Williams