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MCC After Hours – a MAJOR SuccessPosted in College Community,The Arts on Friday, 5 July, 2019

The Mandurah Catholic College Year 10 Media Major students outdid themselves, putting on a polished and professional live-to-tape variety television show, showcasing some amazing talent of Arts students at the College. Held last Thursday, MCC After Hours was a culmination of a whole term of work for the Major students, who planned, designed, created and produced the variety show as a part of their course work.

The production required the students to take on roles including producer, director, vision switcher (to switch between the three cameras filming on the night), audio switcher, graphic controller, host of the show, camera operators, content producers and cue card operator. The students involved not only learnt about the roles, but had to master them for this ‘live-style’ show, which required them to work as a real television production team – no mean feat for Year 10s!

The variety show also showcased some amazing Arts talent from across the Secondary School, including a surf video (Year 10), music videos (Year 11), advertisements (Year 10), suspense film (Year 10) and ATAR video (Year 12) from Media, along with a performance from Year 8 dancers, musical performance from the Music class (Years 10 – 12) and a scene from ‘The Tempest’, performed by Drama students who recently put on the show. Year 10 Media Major student Keenan McBraida took on the role of host of the show, and was privileged to be able to interview Mayor Rhys Williams on the night.

“I played a minor role in an otherwise large series of interconnected events done by the younger year groups. It was very humbling watching them set everything up, and It was a privilege working with them, as they did a fantastic job on the night. And the music act was amazing- the highlight of the night (Apart from the drama performance, of course).” – Kiana Roberts (The Tempest drama performance)

Media Teacher Mr Matthew Hall was very happy with how his students worked to put on the performance, confirming that it had come together after consistent work all term. “The students worked very hard in the lead up to the event and it all came together on the night. I am very proud of their efforts, and so pleased for them that the show went well.”

Year 10 Media Major Students

Producer:  Jamie Kilcoyne

Director: Tori Wood

Vision Switcher: Noah Glenn

Audio Switcher: Stephen Leighton

Graphic Controller: Bryce Allen

Host: Keenan McBraida

Camera Operators: Dylan O’Brien, Hayden Pustkuchen, Jamie Kilcoyne

Floor: Liam McCormack

Content Producers: Dylan O’Brien, Liam McCormack

Run order:

Opening sequence: Produced by Liam McCormack

Opening Monologue: Keenan McBraida

Surf Video: Produced by Dylan O’Brien

Musical Performance: Year 10, 11, 12 Music class

Advertisements: Produced by Year 10 Media Major

Holy Family Statue Reveal: Kael McGowan

Interview: Mayor Rhys Williams & Keenan McBraida

Suspense Film “Red Room”: Produced by Tori Wood, Noah Glenn, Jamie Kilcoyne, Stephen Leighton

Music Video: “Mr Blue Sky”: Produced by Arian Keading

Dance “Titanium”: Chelsea Wood & Shayla McDonald

Music Video “Highway”: Maysun Yeo

Drama Performance “The Tepmpest”: Ben Ginbey, Kiana Roberts and Heidi Ruane

Year 12 ATAR Video: Haillee Preen

MCC After Hours - 12
MCC After Hours - 1
MCC After Hours - 2
MCC After Hours - 11
MCC After Hours - 10
MCC After Hours - 3
MCC After Hours - 7
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