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MCC Basketball Club 2017/18Posted in Basketball,Sport on Friday, 13 April, 2018

The MCC Basketball Club held its end-of-season awards presentation this week.

22 girls’ teams and 18 boys’ teams,  ranging across all age groups from Primary and Secondary year levels, represented the College in the 2017/18 summer basketball competition (Mandurah). Eight teams played their way into the grand finals, with four finishing as champions: MCC 42 lost to Laker LegendS (26-68), MCC 35 defeated CB Allstars (34-16), MCC 32 defeated Glencoe Gators (26-25), MCC 4 lost to PP Panthers (12-27), MCC 18 defeated PP Blue 14 (39-29), MCC 15 lost to FIAS 29 (17-28), MCC 9 lost to MBC Firebirds (18-46) and MCC 14 defeated YBC 9 (25-16).

Teams were coached by parents, students and staff. Many Secondary students accepted coaching roles with enthusiasm and commitment, as the following parent comment testifies:

“I am writing to you to tell you how extremely pleased I and the other parents are that we had Demi (Bruzzese, Year 12) and Quinn (Parsons, Year 12) coach our boys’ basketball team this summer season.

At all times both Demi and Quinn conducted themselves in a manner that Mandurah Catholic College should be proud of. Both students took the time to engage with all the boys and increase the team’s knowledge and skill of the game. The boys started the season willing to give it their best and what they achieved was awesome for both themselves and for their parents.

I sincerely believe that the boys reached the success they had due to the time both Demi and Quinn put in. I hope that both of them realise how grateful we parents are and hope that you as a school could also recognise the great job that they have done.

Kind regards
Mrs Helen Sivertsen –Rovik“.

Team lists, results and Most Valuable Player recipients for 2017/18 are:

MCC 29  
Coach: Jono Spain
Oliver Spain, Zindell Tutolo, Aidan Pattison, Reece Hiller, Finn Fogarty, Taj Hogarth, Mason Hicks

MCC 24 
Coach: Neasha and Xander Williamson
Reid Williamson, George Muzite, Tom Pass, Fletcher Rough, Noah Paschewitz, Steele Miller

MCC 42   
Coach: Andrew Cox
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Ben Cox and Liam Free
Coaches Award: Quinn Parsons
Grand Finalists: Lost to Laker Legends (26-68)

MCC 25
Coach: Megan Smith
Jake Smith, Dexter Pereira, Kale Bartley, Saxon Giles, Dylan Salmons, Aidan Morfitt, Joshua Hanney

MCC 40
Coach: Scott Robinson
MVP: Jack Sadler        R/U MVP: Oliver Robinson
Coaches Award: Brandon Strong

MCC 26 
Coach: Steve Srhoj
Ashton Srhoj, Cohen Dixon, Ethan Hiller, Owen Merry, Sabien Simons, Ashton Romyn

MCC 39          
Coach: Kathryn Reilly
MVP: Kai Nelson-Thompson   R/U MVP: Bevan Harris
Coaches Award: Matthew McConville

MCC 27      
Coach: Meagan Green
Ethan Platt, Brodie Dawson-Davies, Joshua Price, Grayson Thayer, Oliver Neucom, Kade Green, Koby Williams, Noah Bell

MCC 38   
Coach: Daniel Miles
MVP: Jai Henare     R/U MVP: Jack Burdon
Coaches Award: Lachlan Miles

MCC 28 
Coach: Clint Joynes
Austin Joynes, Harry Jenkins, Hunter Deane, Jett Rees-Zwerus, Owen Dawson, Santino Tutolo, Curtis Gill, Daniel Clulow

MCC 37  
Coach: Ben Cox and Liam Free
MVP: Shaun Humble      R/U MVP: Ethan Cottle
Coaches Award: Ben Smith

MCC 30 
Coach: Alyssa Nixon and Sophie Ward
MVP: Kai Harry
R/U MVP: Rhylee Bevan
Coaches Award: Taj Romyn

MCC 36   
Coach: Harrison Klasztorny
MVP: Wil Burdon     R/U MVP: Joseph Macdonald
Coaches Award: Jake Ward

MCC 31  
Coach: Zane Riches
MVP: Rohan Butler     R/U MVP: Ahron Rihj Panizales
Coaches Award: Jarred Campbell

MCC 35
Coach: Dan Searle
MVP: Matt Thomson   R/U MVP: Sam Smedley
Coaches Award: Matt Warnes
Grand Final Champions: Defeated CB All Stars (34-16)

MCC 32    
Coach: Quinn Parsons and Demi Bruzzese
MVP: Jake Pattison    R/U MVP: Liam Murray
Coaches Award: Sean Gardner
Grand Final Champions: Defeated PP Glencoe Gators (26-25)

MCC 34  
Coach: Paige Thomas
MVP: Dillon O’Connor   R/U MVP: Tom Norris
Coaches Award: Bram Gilbert

MCC 33 
Coach: Clint Joynes
MVP: Lewis Shaw   R/U MVP: Adam Joynes
Coaches Award: Kieran Strong


MCC Basketball Club 2017/18 Girls

MCC 1 
Coach: Mark and Simone Utley
Isabel Utley, Olivia Ford, Sophia Tutolo, Harper Dodd, Meadbh Connolly, Sarah Whiting, Tilly Neucom, Makayla Martell

MCC 22
Coach: Kathryn Reilly
MVP: Porscha Sadler    R/U MVP: Rachael Lucas
Coaches Award: Asha Reid

MCC 2     
Coach: Jaide Britton
Chelsea Dorrius, Bianca Pattison, Charli Stevens, Sienna Ness, Rubi Collins, Ella Halls, Eevie Elliott, Leilani Vele

MCC 21 
Coach: Emilie Barroa
MVP: Jeri Johnson.   R/U MVP: Angelina Prunster
Coaches Award: Georgia McCarthy

MCC 3    
Coach: Kelly Oldfield
Kassidy Hayes, April Platt, Emalea Bassett-Scarfe, Kaylee White, Laura Coci, Charli Bennett, Evie Oldfield, Nikki Somboonpeng

MCC 20    
Coach: Bailey Molloy
MVP: Stacey Love-Nall    R/U MVP: Georgia Ashby
Coaches Award: Tiarna Hunter

MCC 4   
Coach: Ashlee Sidebottom
MVP: Isla Edwards     R/U MVP: Reegan Force
Coaches Award: Ricki Hiller
Grand Finalists: Lost to PP Panthers (12-27)

MCC 19   
Coach: Laurence Burgos
MVP: Kellie Craig.   R/U MVP: Taylor Martelli
Coaches Award: Chloe Nagle

MCC 5   
Coach: Bindi Dodd
MVP: Skylar Forbes    R/U MVP: Sariah Smith
Coaches Award: Abbie Pyatt

MCC 18 
Coach: Kameron Bazzo
MVP: Sophia Bassett-Scarfe & Ruby James
Coaches Award: Tiarna Read
Grand Final Champions: Defeated PP Blue 14 (39-29)

MCC 6  
Coach: Louisa Liddington and Cath Mansveld
MVP: Bronte MacDonald   R/U MVP: Allanah Glatzel
Coaches Award: Rhylee Wyatt

MCC 17   
Coach: Travis Parkes
MVP: Jade Weston   R/U MVP: Jordan Sigley
Coaches Award: Andreanna Hilary-Nath

MCC 7 
Coach: Georgia McCarthy and Ella Lawson
MVP: Tamzin Richmond    R/U MVP: Mikayla Wardrope
Coaches Award: Ellie Chapple

MCC 16 
Coach: Jo Whip
MVP: Hazel Fenelon  R/U MVP: Indianna King
Coaches Award: Lizzie Whip

MCC 8     
Coach: Katelyn Yeow and Jeri Johnson
MVP: Ella Ford    R/U MVP: Keira Mladineo
Coaches Award: Sophie Flood

MCC 15  
Coach: Aaron Rowley
MVP: Angel Rowley    R/U MVP: Courtney Williamson-Hatcher
Coaches Award: Heidi Thorncroft
Grand Finalists: Lost to FIAS 29 (17-28)

MCC 9  
Coach: Mark Utley
MVP: Kaylee Dawson    R/U MVP: Dylza Geonzon
Coaches Award: Kye Ritikis
Grand Finalists: Lost to MBC Firebirds (18-46)

MCC 14   
Coach: Michael Fenton
MVP: Elissa Cates     R/U MVP: Gracie Fenton
Coaches Award: Ella Mainwaring
Grand Final Champions: Defeated YBC 9 (25-16)

MCC 10  
Coach: Gemma Thomas
MVP: Isabella Taylor   R/U MVP: Gracie O’Brien      |
Coaches Award: Isabelle Worthington

MCC 13
Coach: Scott Golding and Brett Strickland
MVP: Charlotte Cooper    R/U MVP: Mia Strickland
Coaches Award: Keely Edwards

MCC 11 
Coach: Samantha Connelly
MVP: Natalia Sorgiovanni     R/U MVP: Emily Flood
Coaches Award: Ellie Doggen

MCC 12   
Coach: Sofia Nilsson
MVP: Mimi Nilsson     R/U MVP: Imogen McCarthy
Coaches Award: Olivia Kane