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MCC Moves Onto A Division After ‘A Grade’ Effort At ACC Swimming CarnivalPosted in Secondary,Sport on Friday, 12 April, 2019

Tuesday 26 March, 2019. Put that date into the history books as it marks the day that MCC entered the elite company of ACC Swimming. ‘B’ Grade stalwarts for a number of years and coming ever so close to promotion last year, the 96 strong squad made the early trip to HBF Stadium with the weight of expectation of another year where swimming promotion was realistically within reach. A strong preparation would ensure the team had its best opportunity to take what was theirs, but knowing it wouldn’t come easy.

The day began with Sean Alcorn and Regan Ashby taking honours in the 100 metres freestyle races and it would be no surprise that this trend would continue and both would finish as U/13 and U/14 Champions for the day.

Medley relays saw the team show its depth with the Senior and Junior Girls Medley teams finish first and second, while the boys proved consistent with a pair of third place finishes. The strength of the team was a key theme for the day with many outstanding relay efforts that allowed the College to accumulate all important double points. Some of the outstanding B Division results showed the depth of the squad and validated the importance of training in the lead up to the event, as it allowed our ‘controlled drowners’ to look like Ian Thorpe in his prime!

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of these outstanding results from the backbone of the squad: U/14 Girls – first, U/16 Girls – first, U/17 Girls – second and an U/19 Boys squad that finished third on the back of an all Year 11 crew of Isaac Lowe, Ben Smith, Cameron Griffin and Shaun Humble. While these four may not be household names when it comes to swimming, they really showed an older age group that you can’t underestimate getting in the pool and doing work. Session after session these boys improved and even surprised themselves with such a great result. Well done!

In individual 50 metre events for the four major strokes – backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle we saw our students put the pedal to the metal and start to move away from the competition on the leader board. Mia Golder started the 50 metre freestyle races with a first placing and that trend would continue with many athletes following suit. Here’s a few takeaways from the individual events:

  • Keira Mladineo and Zoe Scott swam in separate divisions but both took out their races in similar times.
  • Sarah Lea doesn’t even swim anymore but proves that it is just like riding a bike, taking out her freestyle race comfortably.
  • Open Girls Sophie Vergone and Jasmin Allan make swimming look easy taking Division I & II freestyle with minimum fuss.
  • Megan Larmour and Ashley Eibrink Jansen not letting Soph and Jaz have all the fun winning breaststroke and backstroke races comprehensively.
  • Newcomers Ava Latter and Mackenzi Logan taking out Division I breaststroke races. Welcome additions to the MCC squad we look forward to having for a number of years!
  • Tessa Liddington quietly accumulating points finishing third in the Individual Champion race, with her most impressive outing coming in the 50 metres backstroke.
  • Old hands Finlay Larmour and Ben Hollow going back to back in breaststroke races. These two lads have been integral to keeping our boys competitive at every ACC Swim Carnival since they’ve been at the College. Always have massive programs and always deliver.
  • The consistency of swimmers that don’t take the gold but accumulate all important points on a regular basis: Luke Eastwell, Oakleigh McDonald, Sharlize Shelley, Jenna Rubie and Robert Shaw just to name a few. Each point counts and the strength of the team is dependent on the 96 students that put their nose to the grindstone and do their best for the College.

As we headed into the all important Division I Relays, MCC had built itself an important 60 point lead. The carnival was there to be won, but rival schools would ensure that winning wouldn’t come easy.

The students would not let the result slip this time, with each relay team focused and not allowing the distraction of potentially winning the carnival get in the way. Speaking to the consistency and depth of the team we had zero DQ’s and four swimmers in each race intent on bringing the shield home! The results from these relays are staggering: 3rd, 3rd, 1st, 8th, 4th, 6th, 1st, 1st, 8th, 2nd, 1st, 8th. Four out of twelve races first and eight of the twelve were top four finishes. An absolute masterclass!

The final result was merely a formality with MCC taking out the ‘B’ Division Swimming Carnival and booking themselves a date for the first time ever in ‘A’ Division for 2020.

The final scores are as follows: MCC 1181, Corpus Christi 1101, Ursula Frayne 1093, Kolbe 1016, Peter Moyes 1013, Prendiville 997, Frederick Irwin 932, Mazenod 558, St. Brigid’s 425.

With a sense of theatre to be had it only seemed right to send the ‘Awesome Foursome’ of Sophie Vergone, Jasmin, Allan, Megan Larmour and Ashley Eibrink Jansen to each receive the shields for Overall Aggregate, Senior Girls Aggregate and Overall Girls Aggregate. While Jasmin, Megan and Ashley took the shields, it was left to Sophie to deliver a speech matching Barack Obama’s Inauguration Speech.

An almost perfect campaign for swimming this year. Training saw the highest average numbers attend sessions. 96 committed students showed up on the day, proud and ready to rep the maroon and gold. Of the 96, we unearthed some young talent from our Year 7 group, found some new faces through our Middle School that made our squad stronger and within our Year 12s we farewelled some of our best ever swimmers. We thank you for your service and hope you were proud to represent MCC at each and every carnival! Evaluating the impact of an individual on a situation is to ‘leave something in a better place than when you found it’. This sentiment rings true for our current Year 12 group with their outstanding performances over a number of years, which includes courageous individual performances, ACC Relay Records, numerous ACC All-Star selections, ACC Letter accolades and vaulting the College Team into the swimming elite. It is safe to say they have definitely left things in a better place. So with one door closing another one opens. It is now up to the rest of us to walk through the door and drive MCC Swimming in 2020 and beyond…

Mr Danny Chartres
Director of Sports


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