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MCC Sustainability Strengths, the Focus of Business StudentsPosted in Sustainability,Whole College on Wednesday, 29 May, 2019

Mrs Anjulee May’s Year 10 Business class have been learning business environmental practices and were lucky enough to have access to a business who is prioritising sustainability – Mandurah Catholic College of course! Mr Cameron Leishman and Mr Towhid Jamal from MCC IT Support went into their classroom to share their engaging and inspirational knowledge about the College sustainability initiatives.

The initiatives include the use of solar power, the switch to duplex (double-sided) printing to save paper and the new College water tank. Mrs May said, “Mr Leishamn and Mr Jamal’s visit was truly valuable in developing the students’ understanding of business environmental practices (and their own part in it!).”

Below are some messages from the Year 10 students to thank Mr Leishman and Mr Jamal for their insights:

Chantelle StevensIt amazed me to know how much you guys put into our keeping our school sustainable behind the scenes.
Emma LuffI found it so interesting to find out about how much IT actually do and how much work they put into their jobs.
Courtney Coleman – You have made me aware of the effect printing has on the environment.
Emma ClulowI learnt how much double-sided printing can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions released by the College.
India JarvisYou have made me more aware of the things the school does to ensure we are being environmentally friendly.
Charlee-Ann ChisholmI didn’t realise we used that much paper!
Jarryd SmithI am shocked to learn the amount of electricity it takes to run a school!
Emily RumbleYou have inspired me to not print as much.
Tatiana CociveraI learn’t more about how I can save more paper and what I can do to reduce my paper usage.
Renee DellI learnt how effective solar panels are and how they can help save our environment.
Madison PrattenIt is amazing the amount of money the school saves from using solar panels.

Mrs May forwarded her own message of thanks saying, “I truly appreciate your support in the students’ learning.”