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MCC Waste WarriorsPosted in College Community,Sustainability on Friday, 2 August, 2019

Wednesday afternoon saw 95 students and 10 staff members help celebrate the end of Plastic Free July with our first MCC Waste Warriors Clean-up.  Inspired by local community group Coastal Waste Warriors run by one of our parents, we picked up a staggering 35kg of rubbish in about 40 mins.  This included over 2500 pieces of plastic food wrappings, 200 pieces of plastic film remnants, such as cling film, and over 700 pieces of other paper, plastic and foil food wrappings.  There were also over 60 pens and other plastic stationery items, 26 pieces of clothing and over 90 drinks containers – aluminium cans and plastic bottles.

All the students put in an amazing effort to collect and sort the rubbish and the College grounds are looking a lot better this morning and we are happy that less of our rubbish will be blown into the nearby canals or left for local bird life to eat.  Although there is always going to be some rubbish left in a community the size of ours, it would be fabulous if we were able to cut down on the amount of plastics (and other rubbish) that we produce as a community.  Here are a few ideas that your family may be able to introduce in order to reduce our collective waste:

  • Use reusable boxes for recess and lunch items
  • Provide your child with a metal water bottle (labelled clearly) that they can fill out our water fountains
  • Involve your family in making cakes or biscuits for the week rather than buying individually wrapped items for lunches
  • Replace chips with homemade popcorn (this is a much healthier and much cheaper option as well)
  • Try a quick Internet search for a wealth of other ideas that will help us reduce our waste and save you money at the same time

We also have pickup points in the Library for bread bag tags and clean plastic bottle lids. The bread bag tags support a charity in South Africa that provides wheelchairs to those in need. The plastic bottle lids will be recycled into new items by a local business, run by an ex-MCC student.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Mrs Sarah Love and Mrs Michelle Lucas
MCC Waste Warriors Coordinators


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