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MCC’s Plan to Help Smallest Victims of New South Wales BushfiresPosted in College Community on Friday, 6 December, 2019

During Week 7 and 8, staff and students have come together to produce Koala Mittens, Joey pouches and bat wraps for the many animals in the New South Wales bushfires.

We have produced 30 bat wraps, 20 joey pouches and 55 pairs of koala mittens.

A huge thank you to the wider MCC community for their contribution of fabrics and to all students and staff who committed their time to the sessions. The products will be donated to The Rescue Collective in Queensland.

Sowing - 3
Sowing - 2 (1)
Sowing - 3 (1)
Sowing - 2
Sowing - 1 (1)