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Middle School English Incursions Attributed for Exceptional Senior ResultsPosted in Academic,Achievements,Literacy,Secondary on Monday, 16 March, 2020

The Year 7 classes had the benefit of partaking in a Persuasive Writing Incursion in Week 4 under the esteemed tutelage of Jenny Botje from The Fremantle Literature Centre. The facilitation of a double period for each class allowed an interactive workshop to be held whereby students could hone their craft in an intimate setting with Jenny and their classroom teacher. The incursion was engaging and interactive with clear objectives set for students who worked in small groups to achieve outcomes with one-on-one support.

Whereas analytical writing can be quite formulaic and methodical, persuasive writing offers students the freedom to write with flair about topics that are important to them on a personal level but of course also affect our wider community. My experience tells me students love when they are given some new strategies and tools to use when they construct their persuasive argument. When coupled with some youthful exuberance and topics close to their hearts, magic can happen.

At Mandurah Catholic College, we have a proud history of improving the reading comprehension, functional literacy and writing abilities of our students. On average, Mandurah Catholic College students are achieving higher than expected for the school’s Index of Community Socio- Educational Advantage (ICSEA score). This shows the value of these types of incursions which we give our students access to in order to give them the opportunity of achieving great results.

I firmly believe that the foundation for senior school success lies in the middle years of schooling.

Our 2019 results set new records at Mandurah Catholic College with three students finishing top 30 in the State in the English WACE examination. After Perth Modern and Rossmoyne, MCC collected the equal third most Certificates of Excellence in English across the State. We were also above the state mean for English ATAR (and Literature). 25% of our 2019 ATAR students received an A or B grade.

So I not only recognise the ongoing exceptional contribution of Jenny Botje but also the classroom teachers – particularly in middle school – who lay the foundation for success to take place in the future.

Mr Chris Winters
Head of Learning Area – English