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MinistryPosted in Ministry on Friday, 5 July, 2019


Catholic Youth Summit

On the 24 June, six Mandurah Catholic College students and Mr Francesconi travelled to Notre Dame Fremantle, for the fourth annual Catholic Youth Summit. The theme for the summit was Be The Right Attitude, and centred on modelling our behaviour on the beatitudes for a better world. Dr Nathan Leber started the day off with a keynote presentation, discussing his discernment process and life. He was then joined by students from Servite College, and together they gave their own stories on when they used the beatitudes to better themselves. Dr Nathan Leber finished with a quote from Saint John Paul II, saying, “Holiness is not reserved for a small number of exceptional persons. It is for everyone”.

“The team for Catholic Youth Ministry also talked about this universal call to holiness. The message of the session was that Holiness is achievable and it is for everyone. In the session students learnt that “holiness is not something unattainable, instead it is done by being the best you can be” – Karoline Magpily

Dr Shane Glasson gave concurrent session on the importance of resilience in the leadership journey, and factors that influence our resilience. Notre Dame, the hosts of the event, also gave a session on the history of the campus buildings, as well as a tour.

“The Servite College students talked about what leadership is and isn’t. The students role-played leadership scenarios, and differentiated between good and bad leaders” – Abbey Harvey

Fr Reynold Anthony gave a moving speech about true leadership and the giving nature of it. He compared happiness and true joy, saying happiness is a circumstantial reaction, and joy is a holy state of being. He told students about his life purpose, teaching them that our purpose is about others, not ourselves.

The students that went learnt:

“…how to lead people towards good” – Nayan Chamoli

“That being a good leader means to encourage good deeds among your community, and all small changes contribute to good” – Shaakya De Silva

“…leadership is about where you lead people too, and I met lots of inspiring people undergoing their leadership journey” – Indi McClements

“It was a well organised event that had a mix of experienced Catholic educators and brave students presenting to their peers” – Vice Principal Mr Francesconi

All students that attended were inspired, and found something that they could use on their own leadership journey.

Indie McClements
Year 11 Student


Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2019

Expressions of interest are invited re participation in the Australian Catholic Youth Festival.

The College is partnering with Bunbury Diocese-Our Lady’s Assumption Parish and has a maximum of 14 Festival student places available

When is the Festival? December 8th -10th 2019 – 9.30am – 8.30pm each day.

Where is the Festival? Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, 21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth, WA 6000. The final Mass will take place Trinity College.

Accommodation: Woodman Point Recreation Camp

Who? The Festival is opened to young people in Year 9 in 2019 up to young people aged 30

Cost: $100 per student

For information about Festival theme and information, click here.

RSVP: Please Direqt Message Mrs Susan Bentley, Coordinator of Christian Service Learning, to lodge an expression of interest-no later than Friday 5 July.

Mrs Susan Bentley
Coordinator of Christian Service Learning


Bunbury Diocese Safeguarding Program

The Catholic Diocese of Bunbury is committed to the fundamental belief that all children, young people and vulnerable individuals have the right to feel safe at all times.

The Safeguarding Office is working to establish safeguarding policies and protocols informed by the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards across all its parishes, including educating the Catholic community on child protection and the introduction of Safeguarding Officers.

Mandurah Catholic College will be working closely with our local parishes to help ensure that the necessary standards and protocols are developed within this program. Further information regarding the Safeguarding office can be found through this link.

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