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Mock Exams UnderwayPosted in Academic,Secondary on Friday, 31 May, 2019

After studying hard for what seems like their whole lives, Year 12 ATAR students have started sitting their mock exams this week, in what is the beginning of the end of their final stretch of High School.

Over the next week ATAR students, who are currently on break from their classes for the exam period, will continue to study and sit their first round of mock exams for the year, putting into practice the tips and tricks they have learnt thus far. The College has facilitated the students’ preparation in multiple ways in order to ensure their optimal confidence going into their mocks.

Head of Year 12 Miss Chloe Sullivan confirmed that the College along with Year 12 teachers have been busy preparing the students. “We had Aspire UWA run a revision course here and we were able to offer scholarships to 14 Year 12 students to attend this,” Miss Sullivan said. As a College, the practice of running subject seminars for ATAR students has also long been in effect, and these were run successfully this Term. “We also extended the library opening hours for a two-week period in order to give the students more opportunities to revise in a school setting as well as to collaborate with their teachers and peers to get the most out of their studying,” she added. “Students have gained a greater understanding of the time and efforts required in order to gain entry in and successfully undertake university studies.”

Year 11 ATAR students also started their mock exams this week: the first lot in their Senior Secondary careers. Head of Year 11 Mrs Louise Merry said, “For some of the students, their first exams can be overwhelming. They’ve sat exams before, however a whole new level of stress can accompany this stage. We work closely with the students to help them, not only with study skills, but more importantly to manage their wellbeing during this heightened time.”

Deputy Principal of Teaching and Learning Mr Paschal McCarthy thanked the Years 11 and 12 Heads of Year and all Year 12 teachers for their efforts so far in preparing the Senior Secondary students for this nerve-wracking time ahead. “I applaud their efforts in the excellent preparation of our senior students. I know the tips and tricks they have learnt have amply equipped them for success during this period.”

There is definitely a long road ahead for our Year 12 students. Miss Sullivan’s comment encompassed the sentiment of the Year 12 teachers and the wider College: “We are so proud of our students studying ATAR Courses. They have been working tirelessly to prepare for these exams and we wish them all the best.”