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New Healthy Options Canteen Serves Up TastePosted in College Community,Wellbeing on Friday, 28 February, 2020

Introducing your new healthy options canteen!

All parents want the best for their children, and helping our kids make better choices when it comes to the food they put into their bodies is now easier with the new Mandurah Catholic College canteen.

With Alliance Catering taking over the running of the canteen, a whole new range of delicious and healthy food options have been made available to students and staff, all made right here on site. Operations Manager Angeline Jannsen explained the changes which are making the biggest differences, “Healthy eating doesn’t mean boring food with no flavour. When we make the food on site, we can choose to substitute ingredients like salt, fat and sugar for ingredients that will enhance the flavour like herbs and spices, without making the food an unhealthy option. There are no preservatives, no added colours and you know it’s good for you.”

“Instead of buying in pre-made foods, we make healthier versions here. With our sausage rolls we use lean mince and add herbs and spices, our burger patties are made here with no preservatives and we serve our burgers on Turkish bread, which is a healthier option with less salt and sugar. We also don’t fry anything. The very few food items we offer which may have previously been fried, are oven baked with a little olive oil. We are MSG-free and cook from scratch where possible. We also cater for particular food requirements with gluten free options available to order with notice.”

“Another benefit is that we offer no confectionary. The ‘treat’ items we do offer are healthier options – like our jelly cups, which have 75% less sugar than the usual alternative. Drinks are often a place for hidden sugar, colours and preservatives – but we sell water flavoured with natural fruit juices, smoothies, 100% fruit juices and iced tea with no added sugar.”

“But it’s not just about healthier options – we know that taste is very important to kids, and so we taste test new recipes. Healthy eating should not compromise taste.”

Another benefit of the new canteen is the switch to eco-friendly food packaging options. 85% of the disposable packaging and cutlery are biodegradable and there are no plastic straws being offered, supports the planet and our local waterways.

The canteen is governed by the WA Canteen association and follows all legislation from the Health Department.

“As consumers we make choices every day and, in this day and age, we have many more choices to make. If there are lots of good options to choose from it makes it easier for parents and children to make good choices.”

The daily menu can be viewed online. Parents are also invited to make use of the online ordering system here, which helps parents ultimately control what their child is going to eat and eliminates the need for cash. Alliance Catering are inviting feedback from parents and students, in the form of email, which will allow them to make adjustments to better serve the College community.

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