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New Rain Water Tank the Latest in College Eco EffortsPosted in Sustainability,Whole College on Friday, 22 March, 2019

Rainwater Tank

The installation has begun on a massive 375,000 litre water tank at the back of the College grounds. With changing rainfall patterns and climate, MCC is doing its part for the environment by choosing a more sustainable option than mains (scheme) water.

The size of a small building, the tank boasts a huge storage capacity which will aid the College in watering the lawns, garden beds and oval on the 12-hectare site, with sufficient rainfall. The tank also provides a more sustainable option and a contingency should there be council water restrictions.

College Maintenance Manager Mr Keith Kingham said the tank would not only aid in sustainability, but would also mean cleaner water for MCC. “The quality of the water will be much better, with a reduction in iron and salt. The water is falling – why let it go to waste?” Mr Kingham said.

Made from Colourbond steel with a vinyl membrane lining the inside, the tank is being built to last and provide rain water for the College for years to come.



The Primary School is leading the way for the College with several sustainability initiatives on the go. The Year 6 students are collecting used paper for recycling, with a recycling bin in each classroom and four others located around the Primary School. The bins are collected twice a week, so the students are doing a fantastic job in recycling their leftover paper.

Each classroom also has a container for collecting food scraps and fruit and vegetable leftovers for the Primary School worm farm. After crunch and sip each day, the students put their leftovers into the special green bins which are then removed by the green team leaders who tend to the worms and ensure they are healthy and happy. The compost from the worm farm is then used on the garden.

The Primary School garden is also growing strong again after being re-established this year. Students from various classes tend to the vegetables, flowers and herbs in the garden. Primary Learning Support Team Leader, Sharyn Farrell has started cooking with students using the ingredients from the garden, which gives students a better understanding of where our food comes from.


Solar Panels 

The solar panels have been running for more than a year now with 200 kilowatts of panels installed in 2017. By harnessing the power of the sun, the College is saving electricity in the realm of $40,000-$50,000 per year. In addition, this year the College has been installing timers on the air conditioning in buildings, to enable control of the hours the units are on. This reduces the College’s environmental footprint significantly.

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