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Pastoral Care

At Mandurah Catholic College, Pastoral Care is based upon the Christian belief in the fundamental dignity and worth of each person. Care of the individual is at the centre of a Mandurah Catholic College education and it embodies a climate of people caring for and respecting one another and challenging one another to be the very best that one can be. Emphasis is placed on: building positive and respectful relationships between all members of the community, meeting the challenges of life by being compassionate and resilient and helping students to feel that they belong to the cohesive Mandurah Catholic College family.

Without wellbeing, learning cannot take place effectively. We aim to develop the whole person and pastoral care is embedded into every area of College life. The College provides a safe learning environment in which students and staff can flourish and develop socially, spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically. High standards of behaviour and personal responsibility are promoted at all times as is respect for self, others, family, College community and campus, and the wider community.

Secondary School

The Deputy Principal of Pastoral Care oversees the welfare of all Secondary students and is responsible for ensuring that all students are cared for and assisted in overcoming challenging situations. Students are supportedby a team of specialist staff including but not limited to:

  • Director of Ministry
  • Heads of Year
  • Heads of House
  • College Mental Health Nurse
  • Careers Counsellor

Deputy Principal of Pastoral Care
Mrs Mary-Anne Reynolds

  • Responsible for the overall pastoral care of students in Secondary School, for maintaining the behaviour management structure and for growing and developing student leadership across all year levels,  particulararly the College Prefect body.
  • Deals with critical incidents pertaining to student wellbeing and works the student, parents, Head of Year, College Nurse and outside organisations when necessary.
  • Works together with Heads of Year to maintain uniform standards, monitor absenteeism, oversee standards of behaviour and monitor each student’s pastoral welfare.
  • Works with Heads of House to promote enthusiasm, participation and involvement in House activities, which encourage a senseof belonging to a community and caring for others.

Director of Ministry
Mrs Susan Bentley

  • Contributes to the pastoral care of students by assisting, helping or advising them, with a focus on building positive relationships with students through various activities in the College that allow students to feel safe in seeking assistance.
  • Has the ability to counsel students and has the knowledge of services offered within the College and the wider community for various youth services and programs.

College Nurse
Ms Leslie Hills

  • Works together with other member of the Pastoral Care team to maintain and support the College’s Pastoral Care system by enhancing the social, emotional, behavioral and mental health potential of all students.
  • Has the ability to counsel students and ad the knowledge of services offered within the College and the wider community for various youth services and programs.
  • Where appropriate and if required to do so by the Pastoral Care team, the College Nurse seeks the support of relevant outside agencies and refers students to them accordingly.

Heads of Year – 2018

  • Responsible for the pastoral care of students in their year group.
  • Maintains uniform standards, monitor absenteeism, oversee standards of behaviour and the academic development of each student in conjunction with the Deputy of Pastoral Care and the Deputy of Teaching and Learning.
  • Responsible for monitoring each child’s progress and tracking development.

Heads of House – 2018

  • Responsible for developing a positive morale and House spirit amongst Homeroom Tutors and students
  • Fostering an maintaining an atmosphere of genuine pastoral care of all the students in their house

Primary School

The Primary School promotes Kindness and Respect as the underlying values of the Holy Family Virtues program.

To complement this ongoing focus, students each term are also guided through the pillars of Peace and Hope, Learning, Faith and Love.  Through such guidance and learning, students discover and embed virtues such as tolerance, forgiveness, persistence, integrity, truth, honesty, service and compassion in their behaviour.

As part of our student recognition procedure, students are rewarded with “Hi5” cards when they demonstrate the Holy Family Virtues.