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Child Safe Framework

Catholic Schools: Creating Environments Where Children Feel Safe, Are Engaged and Can Flourish
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1. Support and Healing
4.Governance & Leadership
7. Investigating & Reporting2
2. Voice of the Child2
5.Policies & Procedures
8. Risk Management
3. Culture
6. Human Resource Practices2
9. Quality Assurance

All children have the right to a good education. Mandurah Catholic College is a Christ-centred and child-focused learning community that supports each child to develop to their full God-given potential.  The Key to this is ensuring the learning environment is engaging, safe and supportive.

The Child Safe Framework (CSF) has been designed to support schools in maintaining such an environment.  All members of our College community share the responsibility of prioritising the best interests of our students. We rely on strong partnerships with you, as parents and guardians, to provide your child with the best possible learning and development opportunities. Working together, we can ensure our students flourish in a safe, healthy environment.

The Child Safe Framework is based upon the following key concepts:

Evaluating various elements within the College – including physical and online environments, staffing, governance, behaviours and culture with an aim to eliminate or mitigate situations that present risk for our students.

When our College community share a collective responsibility to actively support an environment that is engaging, supportive and safe. At a basic level this involves talking about behaviours that don’t contribute to engaging supportive and safe environments.

Every human being is bound to live agreeably with those around him”.  – Pope Francis.
Modelling healthy and respectful relationships creates an engaging, safe and supportive environment. It also equips students with the understanding of how they should be treated. Good relationships are vital if Catholic schools are to achieve their aims. Both parents and the school need to work at building constructive relationships.1

1 Mandate: Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia 2009-2015, para. 76.